Ducati 749 Cafe Racer: Jerem Motorcycles’ Latest Stunning Transformation

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Ducati 749 Cafe Racer
Ducati 749 Cafe Racer

Jeremie Duchampt, the mastermind behind Jerem Motorcycles, has become synonymous with awe-inspiring custom builds.

Each two-wheeled masterpiece emerging from his workshop defies expectations, blending cutting-edge design with unparalleled performance.

To truly understand his exceptional talent, we delve back into the Jerem Motorcycles portfolio and set our sights on his latest transformation a Ducati 749 reborn as a cafe racer that stuns the senses.

This meticulous process began with a complete disassembly, followed by a painstaking restoration of the bike’s signature trellis frame.

But Jeremie’s vision extended far beyond mere refurbishment; it was a complete reimagining of the Ducati’s form and function, paving the way for a truly unique cafe racer.

Ducati 749 Cafe Racer
Ducati 749 Cafe Racer (Jerem Motorcycles)

Jeremie’s stock motorcycle received a personalized overhaul. He swapped the tail section for a sleek fiberglass one with integrated LED lighting, finished with a comfy custom seat and billet aluminum plate holder.

Up front, a cafe fairing housed a new LED headlight and Panigale-inspired mirrors, while a tinted windshield offered protection.

The cockpit got upgraded gauges, clip-on handlebars with Brembo masters, and cool grips. The engine remained mostly stock internally, but sported transparent covers, red hoses, and a custom exhaust.

Borrowing from the Panigale, the bike donned a red paint job with chrome accents, polished metal, and retro Ducati logos on the tank.

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