WalzWerk Motorcycles: Transforming a 1989 BMW R 80 RT into a Stunning Roadster

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WalzWerk Motorcycles
WalzWerk Motorcycles

Over three decades, WalzWerk Motorcycles has carved a niche for its niche in the custom motorbike industry.

With Marcus Walz at the helm, their workshop boasts over 1,000 unique creations, catering to a diverse clientele that ranges from celebrities to everyday riders.

The “Schizzo” series stands as their signature offering, reviving classic BMW “airhead” motorcycles and transforming them into something entirely new.

Whether it’s a scrambler, cafe racer, roadster, or bobber, each Schizzo meticulously embodies its chosen style. Today, we set our sights on a particularly fascinating example a roadster meticulously crafted from a 1989 BMW R 80 RT Monolever.

This stunning build promises a closer look at the impressive transformations WalzWerk is capable of. This isn’t just a visual upgrade; the motorcycle has undergone a significant overhaul.

WalzWerk Motorcycles
WalzWerk Motorcycles (WalzWerk)

This BMW has been comprehensively transformed to raise both its handling and visual appeal. The stock suspension has been given a complete overhaul, with the rear end receiving a fully adjustable black piggyback shock absorber from Touratech.

This high-performance unit allows riders to tailor the suspension to their weight and riding style, ensuring optimal comfort and control.

Up front, the stock forks haven’t been discarded entirely; instead, they’ve been lowered by a significant 130 millimeters (over 5 inches) and enhanced with premium internal components to improve damping and responsiveness.

The fork legs are a custom-designed mudguard that strikes a perfect balance between size and functionality, providing essential protection without adding unnecessary bulk. A complete overhaul has transformed this BMW R 80 RT from a touring machine into a head-turning roadster. The most striking element is the custom cockpit.

Gone is the bulky fairing, replaced with sleek Motogadget instrumentation set behind a low-rise WalzWerk handlebar.

This handlebar prioritizes comfort and control with Biltwell grips, Motogadget switches, and adjustable levers, but omits mirrors for a minimalist aesthetic.

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