Yamaha XS650 Tribute: Custom Motorcycle Build by JM Customs

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Yamaha XS650 Tribute
Yamaha XS650 Tribute

A Yamaha XS650 inherited from a close friend became more than just a motorcycle for Collas. It was a chance to create a lasting tribute, a two-wheeled embodiment of cherished memories.

Tasked with this heartfelt project was James Moir of JM Customs in Scotland, renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and ability to translate visions into reality.

Moir commenced by meticulously disassembling the XS650, a necessary step before its metamorphosis could begin.

His first act of transformation involved crafting a bespoke front fender, prioritizing clean lines and a snug fit achieved through custom-made brackets.

Opting to retain the classic character of the bike, the original fuel tank and side covers remained.

Yamaha XS650 Tribute
Yamaha XS650 Tribute (Yamaha)

However, Moir breathed new life into the side covers with a distinctive touch: rectangular mesh cutouts that offered a unique aesthetic without compromising the original silhouette.

This clever approach exemplified the project’s core principle honoring the past while injecting a personalized touch.

In a painstaking restoration that breathed new life into a classic motorcycle, James Moir meticulously addressed every aspect of the machine.

A modern control unit replaced the outdated one, and the entire electrical system was rewired to ensure optimal performance.

The suspension received significant attention with a complete refurbishment of the forks and the incorporation of modern rear shocks to improve handling.

Safety wasn’t overlooked, as Moir gave the brakes a comprehensive overhaul. To tackle any terrain, the wheels were wrapped in versatile Heidenau dual-purpose tires.

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