Custommade C.A.’s BMW K 100: A Meticulously Overhauled Masterpiece from Athens

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Custommade C.A.'s BMW K 100
Custommade C.A.'s BMW K 100

Unlike the plethora of workshops vying for attention with catchy names, Athens, Greece’s Custommade C.A. lets their work do the talking.

This three-man team Chris, Antonis, and Fotis is a powerhouse of talent, and their collaborative efforts result in truly awe-inspiring custom motorcycles.

This particular BMW K 100 exemplifies their expertise. The client had a specific vision: a customized K model. However, sourcing a suitable donor bike in Greece proved to be a hurdle.

After a persistent six-month search, they finally unearthed a K 100 that was far from its prime. But the crew at Custommade C.A. thrives on challenges.

They brought the bike back to their workshop, ready to breathe new life into it and transform it into a masterpiece. Infusing the motorcycle with a potent performance boost, the Custommade crew meticulously overhauled its fuel system.

Custommade C.A.'s BMW K 100
Custommade C.A.’s BMW K 100 (Custommade C.A.)

A revamped EFI module, fresh injectors, and a modern regulator replaced the stock components, ensuring optimal fuel delivery and a more responsive engine.

These wheels underwent a meticulous rebuild before being wrapped in high-performance rubber, ensuring a perfect blend of lightweight construction and superior grip. But the modifications didn’t stop there.

The Custommade crew set their sights on the entire running gear. The stock front suspension was swapped for the superior inverted forks of a Suzuki GSX-R, offering enhanced handling and sharper control.

To conquer nighttime adventures, a custom headlight has been mounted on the lower triple clamp with unique brackets, ensuring excellent visibility even in low-light conditions.

The electrical system benefits from a modern wiring harness managed by an Axel Joost Elektronik control module, while a discreetly hidden battery keeps the engine turning.

This meticulous attention to detail extends to the aesthetics, with the use of billet aluminum for the flush-mounted filler cap that proudly displays the BMW logo.

The pièce de résistance is the fascinating paint job, featuring a satin-silver base accented with glossy burgundy panels. This rich color scheme extends to the frame, creating a striking contrast against the black engine.

The burgundy accents on the tank are adorned with a mesmerizing shattered glass effect, adding a final layer of depth to this truly inspired creation.

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