Tripleme Motors’ Harley Sportster 883: From Stock to Street Tracker

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Tripleme Motors' Harley Sportster 883
Tripleme Motors' Harley Sportster 883

A Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 with a well-worn path led it to the doors of Tripleme Motors in Barcelona.

Originally a constant visitor for routine maintenance under its first owner, the Harley eventually moved on to a new rider. This time, however, a stock motorcycle wouldn’t suffice.

The new owner craved a street tracker transformation, and Tripleme Motors’ Manel Molina was eager to unleash the bike’s hidden potential.

Molina set about a meticulous overhaul, discarding a significant portion of Harley’s original parts to create a machine tailored for dirt track domination.

This once-ordinary Harley street tracker has undergone a metamorphosis, emerging as a machine with both fascinating aesthetics and thrilling performance.

Tripleme Motors' Harley Sportster 883
Tripleme Motors’ Harley Sportster 883 (Xavi Dynamische)

The most crucial upgrade for safety lies in the entirely new rear braking system, ensuring the rider can come to a complete halt with confidence.

But the transformation goes far deeper than just stopping power. The soul of the bike, the V-twin engine, now breathes new life thanks to a high-flow S&S carburetor and a stylish air cleaner.

This potent combination optimizes fuel delivery, hinting at the potential for increased power waiting to be unleashed. Complementing the engine’s newfound vigor is a cutting-edge aftermarket ignition system, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride.

The visual transformation is equally dramatic. A custom exhaust system with heat-wrapped headers snakes its way down the bike, adding a touch of untamed aggression while simultaneously producing a fascinating soundtrack. But the exhaust isn’t just about sound; the under-seat mufflers contribute to the bike’s sleek lines.

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