Kott Motorcycles’ Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer: A Modern Marvel with Vintage Charm

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Kott Motorcycles' Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer
Kott Motorcycles' Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer

Californian craftsman Dustin Kott, the mastermind behind Kott Motorcycles, has a reputation for turning motorcycles into rolling works of art, particularly in the cafe racer style.

Though his expertise lies primarily with Japanese machines, he’s always up for a challenge presented by a different breed. This particular cafe racer started its journey as a forgotten 1971 Triumph Daytona.

While the classic British bike held potential, it wasn’t exactly a straightforward restoration for Dustin. His first hurdle was coaxing the neglected machine back to running condition.

Once the engine roared back to life, Dustin turned his attention to the ergonomics. Unlike modern motorcycles, these older Triumphs featured an inverted control layout that felt awkward to most riders.

To create a more comfortable and familiar riding experience, Dustin started a meticulous process of swapping the controls to a standard configuration. With a healthy engine and a soon-to-be-transformed riding position, the stage was set for a stunning cafe racer metamorphosis.

Kott Motorcycles' Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer
Kott Motorcycles’ Triumph Daytona Cafe Racer (Alex Martino)

This Yamaha Virago has shed its stock skin for a completely bespoke look. The custom fuel tank, the undisputed star of the show, features a flush-mounted filler cap, an oil pressure gauge, and a fascinating copper-plated strap. But beneath this polished exterior lies a clever secret.

A massive cavity carved into the tank’s underside plays host to a bespoke oil tank, tucked away from sight. The handcrafted theme continues throughout the motorcycle.

A luxurious black leather seat bridges the gap between the tank and a sleek, one-off aluminum tail section. Modern Hagon shocks provide support, ensuring a comfortable ride. The front forks haven’t escaped the transformation.

Rebuilt with meticulous attention to detail, they now sport eye-catching decorative springs. The Daytona drum brakes, a nod to the bike’s heritage, have been comprehensively overhauled. They boast a gleaming chrome finish and a stylish copper mesh vent cover.

While the original wheels maintain a classic aesthetic after being refurbished, they’re now wrapped in modern Avon RoadRider tires for improved performance.

A final touch comes in the form of a stainless-steel exhaust system with reverse megaphone mufflers, adding a throaty growl to the ride.

The entire package is wrapped in a simple black paint job, allowing the abundant copper accents to take center stage and truly define this one-of-a-kind Yamaha Virago.

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