Aprilia RS 457 Trophy Series: A New Era for Aspiring Motorcycle Racers on the Thrilling RS 457 Sportbike

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Aprilia RS 457 Trophy Series
Aprilia RS 457 Trophy Series

Aprilia is revving up excitement for the next generation of motorcycle champions with the announcement of a brand-new, single-make racing series built around their thrilling RS 457 sportbike.

Revealed in September 2023, the RS 457 was crafted to be a technological and aesthetic frontrunner, specifically aimed at young riders with a burning desire to dominate the track.

This championship follows in the footsteps of the wildly successful Aprilia RS 660, which Aprilia proudly claims has become the best-selling sports bike in Europe in recent years.

Borrowing design inspiration from the high-octane machines that rule SBK and MotoGP, the RS 457 neatly slots between Aprilia’s existing 125cc offerings and the more powerful RS 600.

The upcoming trophy series presents an exceptional launchpad for aspiring young racers to refine their skills and go head-to-head on an equal footing.

The inaugural Aprilia RS 457 Trophy will be a concise two-race championship this fall, with the starting flag dropping at the Cremona circuit on September 8th, strategically timed to coincide with the FMI Cup.

Aprilia RS 457 Trophy Series
Aprilia RS 457 Trophy Series (Aprilia)

The championship will conclude in grand style at Misano World Circuit on October 6th, sharing the spotlight with the Italian Cup.

This clever placement alongside established events allows young riders to not only experience the adrenaline rush of competition but also gain valuable exposure to a wider racing community, fostering a sense of camaraderie and potentially igniting lifelong connections within the sport.

Aspiring racers with A2 licenses can take joy in the Aprilia RS 457, a motorcycle that excels not only on public roads but also thrives on the racetrack.

Aprilia complements this capability with a dedicated racing kit, allowing riders to transform their RS 457 into a track-focused weapon.

The standard motorcycle itself is a competent base, featuring a lightweight aluminum frame wrapped around a liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine.

This powerplant exhales through a throaty 2-in-1 exhaust system, producing the maximum allowable 47 horsepower for A2 license motorcycles.

At the rear, a single shock absorber flawlessly complements the swingarm, offering 130mm of travel to ensure the rear tire stays glued to the tarmac during aggressive cornering.

This meticulously crafted setup forms the foundation for the RSV4’s agility, but Aprilia’s dedicated racing kit unlocks an even higher level of performance.

This comprehensive package goes beyond just suspension tweaks, transforming the RSV4 into a track-day weapon. The kit incorporates a free-breathing exhaust system developed by SC-Project, the same company that partners with Aprilia in MotoGP.

Lightweight fiberglass fairings and tail unit, courtesy of Plastic Bike, shave precious pounds and enhance aerodynamics.

Completing the metamorphosis are precision-crafted footpegs and handlebars, designed to provide optimal rider positioning and feedback for pushing the limits on the racetrack.

This racing kit brings a combination of subtle tweaks and bold modifications. While details on the engine and suspension tuning remain under wraps, the package boasts a new air filter and a race-specific ECU for maximized performance.

Even the controls get a racing makeover with specialized components designed for precision handling on the circuit.

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