Indian Motorcycle Brings King of the Baggers Racing to Europe with the Challenger RR at Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Indian Motorcycle Brings King
Indian Motorcycle Brings King

From humble beginnings as a test of bravado among friends pushing their touring motorcycles to the limit, the King of the Baggers racing series has become a motorsport phenomenon fascinating to American audiences.

The thunderous roar of heavyweight baggers battling it out on the track now represents a unique brand of racing excitement. However, for motorcycle enthusiasts on other continents, experiencing this spectacle firsthand has remained a distant dream.

Determined to bridge this gap and ignite a spark for King of the Baggers in Europe, Indian Motorcycle is revving for a special appearance at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Indian will take center stage with the mighty Challenger RR, a machine meticulously crafted to embody the raw power and strategic finesse demanded by the championship. While not the exact bike ridden by champion Tyler O’Hara to victory in 2022, the Challenger RR stands as its worthy successor.

This exclusive, hand-built motorcycle boasts a race-tuned PowerPlus 112ci V-twin engine, its immense power harnessed by a meticulously crafted chassis specifically designed for track performance.

These modifications transform the base Challenger from a powerful cruiser into an aggressive track predator, ready to steal the show at Goodwood and introduce a whole new audience to the exhilarating world of King of the Baggers racing.

Indian Motorcycle Brings King
Indian Motorcycle Brings King (Indian)

The stock internals are swapped for a larger displacement “big bore” kit, allowing for increased engine capacity. Complementing this is a custom air intake system featuring a sizeable 78mm throttle body, ensuring the engine gets the air it craves for optimal performance.

But increased airflow demands a corresponding solution on the exhaust side. The Challenger RR addresses this with a free-flowing S&S 2-1 race exhaust, optimizing power delivery throughout the rev range. Taming this newfound power is paramount, and the Challenger RR boasts top-shelf Brembo brakes, ensuring the rider can scrub off speed with confidence.

This exclusivity translates to a hefty price tag. Indian limited production to a mere 29 units, placing each Challenger RR in the true collector’s items with a price tag exceeding a staggering $90,000.

However, the story doesn’t end there. The Challenger RR recently made a much-anticipated debut at Goodwood, piloted by the seasoned racer Jeremy McWilliams. This marked a rare opportunity for international fans to witness a full-factory race bagger in action.

McWilliams himself boasts an impressive pedigree, having competed in over 170 Moto2 and MotoGP races for prestigious brands like Honda, Yamaha, and Aprilia. His presence behind the handlebars of the Challenger RR undoubtedly added to the spectacle, showcasing the capabilities of this unique machine.

Highlighting America’s rich racing heritage, the Indian Motorcycle FTR750 returns to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This championship-winning flat track bike first showcased at the event in 2018, boasts a powerful 750cc engine and a steel frame.

While Indian remains tight-lipped on the rider and presentation details, the FTR750’s presence aligns perfectly with the festival’s theme of “Horseless to Hybrid.” This theme celebrates advancements in mobility, from early automobiles to future technologies.

Meanwhile, MG takes center stage as the first brand honored by the festival’s central sculpture. Their electric Cyberster sports car reflects the brand’s modern direction.

Thrilling the crowds yet again, the Goodwood Hill Climb features a star-studded lineup including Formula 1 champions Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso, and Emerson Fittipaldi. Rounding out the international focus, a special tribute honors NASCAR legend Richard Petty.

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