BMW iX: Great for Road Trips, Even with a Bump in the Road

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The BMW iX in its charging phase

A car reviewer has been testing a BMW iX for 6 months and likes it overall, even though some people find it unattractive. They recently took their wife on a road trip in the iX to chase a solar eclipse. This isn’t a sponsored review! The reviewer leased the car themself, at the same price anyone else would pay.

The reviewer admits the iX is a bit odd-looking, but they’ve grown to appreciate it. They’ve always liked quirky, fun-to-drive cars. The reviewer and their wife embarked on their biggest road trip yet in the iX, hoping to find clear skies for a solar eclipse.

The BMW iX with its facelift (Credits: BMW)

With their telescope securely strapped in, the reviewer and their wife set out from their Albany, NY home on a 180-mile road trip to Watertown, NY. Watertown was supposed to be the prime spot for viewing a solar eclipse.
The trip included both highway and back roads. The reviewer usually relies on Google Maps for navigation, but on longer trips, they switch to the BMW’s built-in system to monitor range accuracy.

This time, however, the BMW navigation surprised them by being very slow to calculate routes. It took over a minute to figure out directions, and even longer to show alternative routes! This wasn’t a normal issue, and the reviewer plans to investigate further.

Despite the slow navigation, the BMW iX impressed with its accurate range estimation. The car predicted they would have 38% charge remaining upon arrival in Watertown, and that’s exactly what they got. The trip was completed efficiently, averaging 2.8 miles per kilowatt-hour even with chilly weather and highway driving. 
Knowing they might need to adjust their plans based on the weather, the reviewer stopped at a 150 kW EVolve NY charger in Watertown to top up the battery. They charged to 95% instead of full.

BMW all-electric iX (Credits: Autocar India)

While the BMW iX charged quickly at the station (reaching 144 kW at first and taking 45 minutes to get to 95%), the news wasn’t good about the eclipse. Watertown, initially predicted to have clear skies, was now expecting clouds.  Faced with staying put and hoping for clear skies or taking a risky trip through an area with few chargers during a busy weekend, the reviewer decided to gamble on the weather and head north. The good range of the iX made them feel comfortable attempting this risky trip.

The reviewer topped off the battery to 100% and headed east towards scenic country roads in Adirondack Park. The hilly terrain and chilly weather did not significantly impact the car’s efficiency. The car predicted a 200-mile trip with 28% charge remaining, but they actually arrived with 41%. This is the biggest underestimation of range by the car’s navigation so far, but a pleasant surprise.

The trip resulted in an impressive 3.2 mi/kWh, translating to a theoretical range of over 350 miles. This efficiency, achieved despite the terrain and temperature, was likely due to the low average speed of 50 mph.


By Rajdeep Singh

Rajdeep (New Delhi) sparks electric vehicle enthusiasm with engaging content, empowering everyone to join the EV revolution.

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