The Future of Scootering is Electric: Introducing BMW’s New Ride

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bme ce2 (credits: bmw)

Let’s face it, the world needs more fun, especially when it comes to scooters! Reviews of the new BMW CE 02 electric scooter have been conducted by all businesses, focusing on specs and practicality. But they’re missing the point! This scooter is like a rolling good time, with an “E-Parkour” sticker on the side for crying out loud!

Sure, the reviews are right about the range and charging limitations. It’s not ideal for city dwellers with limited access to charging, especially those in apartments. Plus, the weight makes lugging it upstairs a no-go.

But here’s the real story: this scooter is begging to be ridden with a smile and a sense of abandon. Forget the passenger pegs, those are the perfect launchpad for hopping curbs and gleefully sliding the rear tire around corners. It’s all about the fun factor, not spreadsheets.

The All New BMW CE 02 Electric Bike

I recently got to test the CE 02 on the Las Vegas strip, and let me tell you, it was hilarious! Imagine a pack of electric scooters buzzing down the road – pure joy, not some outlaw biker gang.

The fun factor of the CE 02 goes beyond specs. Stuck on a hot Vegas street during a photoshoot, I decided to ditch the boredom and embrace some silliness. Locking the rear tire, I did a bunch of skid-figure eights – and it was a blast! This scooter is practically begging to be ridden with joy, not taken too seriously. Who needs a fancy racing bike when you can have this much fun on an electric scooter?

The entertainment continued. Waiting for others to gear up, another rider and I took turns trying to scrape the CE 02’s pegs in the parking lot. It wasn’t about speed (we were going maybe 12mph!), but pure enjoyment. Compared to serious riders on powerful bikes, we were probably having a lot more fun.

The BMW Motorrad Concept

For car enthusiasts, imagine the CE 02 as an electric Miata – a car known for being a playful ride. The price tag (nearly $10,000!), limited range, and inconvenient charging definitely need work. Plus, forget city commuting – this scooter is better suited for small towns or European villages.

But here’s a crazy idea: what if BMW offered a version with knobby tires, perfect for dirt tracks and back alley adventures? It would be ideal for millennials who want a unique electric ride and have a place to charge it.


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