Early Glimpse: BMW Skytop Concept Leaked Before Villa d’Este Debut

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Early Glimpse: BMW Skytop Concept Leaked Before Villa d'Este Debut
Concept Skytop by BMW

BMW has been talking about a new design they’re going to show at a fancy car event called the Villa d’Este Concours d’Elegance. They’re also going to reveal a new BMW Art Car there. Recently, a video of the new design got leaked online. It seems BMW accidentally shared the video, which is why it’s such good quality. The video reveals the name of the concept: Skytop.

Earlier, the media found out that BMW had filed a trademark for the name “Skytop” with the German Patent and Trademark Office. We thought BMW was just protecting old names they own, but it turns out, they have plans for it. Now, let’s forget about that and look at the video.

The Concept Skytop looks a lot like the current BMW 8 Series, which many people think is the last really beautiful BMW. But it’s also something new. The taillights are inspired by another BMW called the Z8. BMW Classic is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Z8 at the same event.

Early Glimpse: BMW Concept Skytop Leaked Before Villa d'Este Debut
Concept Skytop by BMW

The Concept Skytop seems to be a targa convertible, with two removable roof panels. It doesn’t seem to have a powered mechanism to hide the roof.

The design looks modern but also a bit old-fashioned. The wheels are probably too fancy for a real car, but there are some details that suggest this could be a real car. The wing mirrors are a normal size, and there are covers for a tow eye and a rearview camera. The inside looks like the current 8 Series, and some parts are from the M8. There are cooling intakes for brakes and engine, and real brakes behind the wheels. This suggests the concept can actually drive. But some details might change in a real car.

The Concept Skytop might become a real car, but we’re not sure yet. BMW has thought about making a limited number of Z4-based coupes before, but they might not do it. The Z4 isn’t a big seller, and the 8 Series is a niche product. BMW might bring back the 6 Series instead. We’ll have to wait and see what BMW decides.


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