BMW M440i: Drive Review

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How can you judge a BMW without actually driving it, right? This is a detailed review of the BMW M440i, the electric sports sedan. The German automaker introduced this car a few weeks back to identify what power this electric vehicle holds. We had a driving test. Recently, BMW has been focusing on making electric cars. The introduction of this new electric lineup came with a powerful model, M440i. Although all of the models from this fleet are powerful, M440i is the one that impressed a lot. The New 4-series is a new benchmark that BMW has set. The Bavarian Motor Works have worked on the electrification of this series, and now it is one of the best electric lineups of BMW.

M440i brings a sporty and steady stance. This BMW looks aggressive and dynamic. Although electric vehicles don’t need big grilles, how can a BMW come without its iconic grille? BMW has offered a huge front grille with a chrome finish at the bumper. Let’s read more about the performance of this electric car in detail,

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M440i Driving Experience

Smooth, Composed, and Fast are the three words to explain the drive of the BMW M440i. As you sit in the driver’s seat, you will feel the same as driving the ICE vehicle. M440i comes as an all-wheel drive, offering great stability on the road. The power exerted by all the wheels helps the car to push itself more quickly. Two motor setup with all-wheel-drive is assisted with an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel-drive M440i produces 382 horsepower with an acceleration time from zero to sixty mph of 3.9 seconds. The total torque output of this electric sports car is 369 pound-feet. With this amount of torque, the drive feels even smoother. If we talk about fuel efficiency, the new BMW is meeting the customers’ expectations. It provides a 22 miles per gallon average on the city roads, while it increases to 29 miles per gallon on the highway.

Comfort and driving pleasure gets an enhancement with the help of suspension and adaptive dampers. BMW has tried to make this EV as quiet as possible. Therefore, it produces a negligible noise. Try not to fall asleep while driving the new luxurious EV. All the comfort, power, and performance of the M440i enhance the drive performance.

BMW M440i

How Do You Feel When You Sit On The Driver Seat?

If you have ever driven any BMW sedan, then you may see some similarities in the setup of this EV as well. The cabin is spacious and quiet. You get a lot of controls and knobs at the steering wheel, center console, and dashboard. Center Console also consists of the rotational drive mode shifter. You get a basic BMW badging at the center of the steering wheel. Seats are wrapped in dual tones of black and classic BMW cinnamon shade. You can feel luxury as you lay your hands on the steering wheel. The view of the premium dashboard gives you a feeling of driving the same internal combustion vehicle.

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All in all, this car is one of the finest electric vehicles of BMW. It will satisfy all the needs of a consumer. Therefore, it will provide a great driving experience.


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