December 3, 2020

South Korean Automobile Manufacturer Announces Genesis G80 3.5T

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Genesis G80 3.5T Details

Genesis G80 3.5T Still

Genesis introduces its new product into the market which looks stunning with its outer design. Many automobile companies are eyeing the option to choose electricity as their primary fuel, it looks like a major shift in fuel consumption will happen within a few years. After Tesla’s attempt to transform the automobile industry with self-driving cars, many big giants from the industry have started working on next-generation automobile vehicles. Even though the space for luxury remains the same, comfort will remain the key player for decades.

Genesis is one such automobile company that works on developing automobile vehicles that give more preference to the customer’s comfort. Genesis G80 3.5T is a new model luxury vehicle the company has developed to concentrate on the high range vehicle enthusiast. Germans have been building quality cars for more than a decade by placing comfort as their core theme. South Korean company Genesis has also been focusing on providing ultimate comfort. Genesis research and development has been continuously working on various design pattern in the last few years to achieve their ultimate comfort standards.

Genesis G80 3.5T gives glimpses of an idea about the first examples of New Genesis sedan type car. On the first appearance, cars manage to provide a luxury look which makes the new Genesis stand ahead of the competition. The first version of the old G80 came under another South Korean automobile manufacturing company Hyundai.

The entire car is separated into two parts which give more room space for the customers during the long rides. It looks like Genesis has developed this model vehicle to compete with the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series. This sedan model from Genesis is designed in such a way that it gives a sportier appearance even without any hatchback option. Running lights placed in front of the vehicle makes it look unique while moving. The light of the vehicle is extended towards the indicator which makes it look appealing. Many newly designed vehicles have preferred to use running headlights.

Coming the face portion of Genesis G80 it comes with a massive grille which makes the front portion look wider. Detailed interior design is developed to provide ultimate comfort. Interior design enhanced the overall face value of the South Korean automobile manufacturing company to compete with the European quality and standards. BMW is known for providing luxuries interior design for its vehicle whereas Genesis has improved their design to compete with the standard players.

The full-leather dashboard is build to impress the customers through its large display unit which gives multiple information about the vehicle. The infotainment system is built to provide complete information about the vehicle along with the circuit details and other additional software specifications. The complete Leather finish is provided in every part of the interior. Matte-finish wood splits the dashboard with the other interior parts. The Center console provided in the vehicle holds control over various features like wiper and signal indicators. The rear back seat is designed to offer more space for legroom and headroom, the center armrest placed between the rear bench seats come with hardware options to control the infotainment system placed on the front portion.

Genesis G80 3.5T Details
Genesis G80 3.5T IMage

A 14.5-inch screen placed on top of the infotainment system gives details information to the customers about their vehicle. It looks multiple software application runs behind the display unit which instantly notifies about the minor defects.  Even though the touch display placed within the hand reach, it also comes with the dial on the center console to choose the option from the infotainment system.  The infotainment system reacts instantly to the user input and the processor behind the display unit works instantly while rebooting the device. The eight-speed automatic gear system is used while developing the model which varies based on the speed and road conditions. Though Genesis G80 3.5T is built for a comfortable riding experience teh suspension provided with teh vehicles plays an important in deciding about the comfort. The wind she’d of the vehicle is designed to resist against the external noise and sounds while riding, it provided just to enjoy the scenic beauty outside.

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