January 23, 2021

2020 Dacia Sandero TCE 90: Simple and Economical

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Dacia Sandero TCE 90

Dacia Sandero TCE 90 is a low-budget car that does well in day-to-day works, and it is probably the best value for the money you pay. That is why it is best selling superminis car in the UK. As per price, it doesn’t have any luxury features of anything, but all the necessary features are included to make this car affordable and practical. It is good in the city and also has enough power to overtake cars on the highway. Of course, it will not have that much response, but it gets the work done.

The cheapest version of this car in the UK starts from £6,770, and adding more features can make you pay £11,390 for the best version. The engine has rested at 89bhp and 118lb-ft, and that can go 0-62mph in up to 11.7sec. The engine is three cylindered, which pushes the car with limitations. Everything is simple design, equipment, and performance. It reflects the money you pay for it.

It has three variants electric, fuel, and diesel. The price of each one varies, but the overall design remains the same. The TCE is the fastest with diesel, and it comes at the price tag of £9,870. Let’s talk about the design of the car. Starting from the front of the car, it is simple but not so boring. The lights have a good design and have grills on the front, made of plastic but do their work. Fog lamps are also included to make it easy to travel in winters. The rear end is also simple, with back lamps and a logo in between.

The interior looks good, but the quality is compromised. Probably most things are made of plastic with some custom touches. It’s not that bad but gets the work done and have a modern look to it. The cabin is not all boring. It has a media screen that has basic media control of music and videos. Above the center console, manual control of ac and heater are given. The speedometer is analog, which gives the basic information about speed, fuel, and other things. Windows can be opened automatically with buttons on every door. Overall the performance of these products is good.

The price to value is the thing which the Dacia Sandero TCE 90 is good for. It gives value to the customers by providing products according to the amount paid. It will be good for the people who wanna get their first vehicle students, and small families will be fine with this car. Fuel efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment are focused.

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Comfort and safety features are minimum. The seats are suitable, but it cannot be good for long drives. The quality is fine, and the material is also made to last long. For safety, seatbelts for there on every seat, and six airbags are present, which are good to prevent serious injures in an accident. The driving experience is fine, and it’s quick to travel inside the city. luggage space is also enough with can probably car two bags.

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