Russell Wants To Achieve Something That Is Very Insane

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Russell continues to be a very impressive individual and has recently revealed that he wants to repeat Mercedes’ Spanish Grand Prix double podium on Canadian soil. This was revealed to the media himself when Silver Arrow completed the race two seconds slower than Max Verstappen during the red-flagged Q3 session. He achieved this feat at such an insane time when the conditions were very harsh and the temperature of the tyres was posing a great deal of trouble for everyone.

This just shows how much of a beast he is himself, and the same thing can be said of Lewis Hamilton, who himself was able to survive this ordeal without any problem. What this did was allow Russell to get qualified and secure the fifth spot on the grid, and as for his partner Hamilton, he was able to finish the race in a much higher place, which was a sight to behold in itself.

Double Podium
Lewis Hamilton

But things got even better for them as they were promoted to an even higher spot than before when Nico Hulkenberg was penalised post-qualifying. This made their chances of winning even better; both of them were in a very good and hopeful mood. During any interview with, he said that P4 has been a very good start for them, and he doesn’t see any reason as to why they (Russell and Hamilton) can secure another double podium again.

George Russell talking about their previous win

Moreover, he further added that after some intense practise, they would be able to achieve this feat, but they were struggling. But when the tracks were dry, both of them were more competitive, but when the rain started, their struggles started as well. This isn’t an impossible feat that the duo has to achieve because they were able to do so previously with a jaw-dropping performance that shocked everyone.

Double Podium
Lewis Hamilton

This was also the first time Russell took his first podium for Mercedes and second in the drivers’ championship with a P3 finish in the Australian Grand Prix. This feat has been the topic of discussion for a very long time since it happened, and everyone seems to be very impressed by the duo. If this does happen again, the whole F1 community will have nothing but praise for them, as it is a very difficult feat to achieve for many.

Only time will tell now, and all eyes will be on Russell after making such a fuss and whether or not he can achieve what you said he wants to do. It will be a very hard task as teams like Red Bull and Ferrari are constantly on their tails and trying their best to win.


By Jayson O'Neil

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