Rivian R2 Compact SUV Release Date And Starting Price Have Been Revealed by Company Official

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Rivian has been the topic of discussion for a very long time, as their new R2 is right around the corner, which has made a lot of fans since its release. The company has had a very busy year due to the fact that the production of its R1T pickup and R1S SUV, for which they have built more than 9000 vehicles, will begin in the first quarter of 2023. At the same time, the company is also developing its new electric vehicle. This news was broken by the chief financial officer of Rivian, Claire McDonough.

Rivian R2 Compact SUV: When Will It Be Releasing?

He revealed many details during the automotive conference as to what to expect in the upcoming R2.During the conference, McDonough revealed that the design of the upcoming R2 is almost finished, but at the same time, they are trying to make it more distinct than the R1T and R1S because they want it to stand out from the other countless EVs that are on the market right now. This is a very good move because a distinct style and design can easily make or break a car.

Rivian R2 Compact SUV price

One of the most interesting things that got unveiled was that the R2 was supposed to be a compact SUV, but there could be a pickup variant. Furthermore, on top of this, it will be revealed to the public for the first time in early 2024, even before the sales start in 2026.

Rivian R2 Compact SUV: What Will Its Price Be?

This wasn’t all; McDonough also said that the upcoming R2 will be more affordable than the previous generation of AVs (R1T and R1S), as its price will start from $40,000 to $60,000. She said that the average selling price of R1 is $73,000, and the new AV will be below that price range. Moreover, she said that R2 will be leaning hard on what was started by R1, which is the brand and ethos. The car will also have a unique UI/UX experience, which makes it even more unique. All this sounds pretty amazing, but there is a catch to it, as when a car has a low price tag, usually some features get stripped from the vehicle in order to lower the expenses.

We are not sure if downgrading is the right word to use, but we can expect the R2 to have inferior capabilities like off-road comfort or interior quality. But nothing has been confirmed yet by the company. But one good thing that they have done is talk with and negotiate with suppliers in order to keep the material costs down. This is a mistake that they want to correct after the experience with the R1T and R1S. No doubt the company has made quite a profit with this, as the sales were very impressive for the company.

Rivian R2 Compact SUV Release date

But even with such success, it was not enough to bring Rivian into the mainstream; instead, it helped the company survive the next few years. Their biggest competitor is Tesla, which makes EVs very easily and in mass quantities that are loved by everyone. Time will tell what will happen, and hopefully the future for this Rivian will be bright.


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