A New Logo For Infiniti Has Been Revealed By The Company, And It Has A Meaning Behind It

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Infiniti New 3d logo
Infiniti New logo

Infiniti is a brand name that is synonymous with only some countries around the world, which are mainly the United States, Canada, China, and many more. It is a Japanese-based automobile company that has stood the test of time since it was founded in 1989.

This car manufacturer is the luxury vehicle division of Nissan, a renowned Japanese automaker. The brand’s logo depicts a road extending into the horizon and Mount Fuji, which indicates its Japanese origins.

They have a very good logo, but they have changed it many times over the past few years, and now they have changed it once again. This automotive company is only 34 years old, but they have changed their name three times. Now that count has reached four this week, which surprised many people as it was quite unexpected.

Infiniti’s New 3D Logo: What Does It Mean?

The company has commented on this change and what the newest design means; they said that it represents the infinite road and horizon of the logo. Furthermore, this logo also expresses dynamism, motion, and power.

Sam Xin, who is the global divisional general manager for Infiniti, said that they added great emphasis to the point at which the infinite road meets the horizon. He further added that it also shows their commitment to looking into the future with their heads straight up.

Infiniti new logo
Infiniti new logo Credits: Infiniti

The older logo can be seen to end at a sharp point, while the new version is joined by two flat lines that extend into the background. This is a 3D logo that was made to keep future vehicles in mind. This will be a very interesting thing, as we don’t know in what vehicle this 3D logo will be available.

Infiniti New Logo: What Does It Mean For The Brand?

But don’t worry, as in the summer; there will be a lot of new vehicles that are planned to be revealed, which is quite exciting for customers of this company. On top of all this, the new logo will be illuminated on the hood of the new Infiniti models.

Infiniti logo
Infiniti logo Credits: Infiniti

This new branding has more space, because of which more letters can be added. The manufacturer also revealed that this change would help them visually emphasize the horizon even more. These are only a few minor details that can be noticed by only a handful of people.

But these rebrandings are something that can be very important in the long run for the company, and it can be one of the most iconic logos in the car industry. But who knows what the future holds for them? Only time will tell.


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