The Highly Anticipated Volkswagen Electric Bus: Release Date, price, And Everything We Know

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the iconic VW electric bus
the iconic VW electric bus

Electric vehicles (EVs) are moving significantly into the automotive market, spurred by rising environmental awareness and the need to cut carbon emissions. 

The new Volkswagen (VW) electric bus is among the EV market’s most eagerly anticipated debuts. The company’s electric variation, which has a long history dating back to the legendary Volkswagen Microbus, has sparked much interest among car enthusiasts and environmentalists.

This article will examine the VW electric bus’s release date and review all the current information on it.

VW electric bus Release date

Volkswagen has already decided to introduce an electric bus as of the anticipated cutoff date of September 2021.

However, exact information on the release date has yet to be made available. The company had lofty plans to get the car on the market. Still, several variables can affect the precise release date, including development, testing, and production delays.

The Iconic VW Electric Bus
The Iconic VW Electric Bus Credits: NewsBytes

Everything We Know About the VW Electric Bus:

Inspiration and Design:

The legendary Microbus of the past inspires the VW electric bus, which also embraces contemporary technology and sustainability.

The aesthetic strives to strike a balance between vintage appeal and modern allure. You can anticipate a boxy, roomy profile, sizable windows, and a welcoming and warm front fascia that perfectly reflects the spirit of the iconic Microbus.


Volkswagen’s modular electric motor matrix (MEB) architecture will serve as the foundation for the electric bus.

A high degree of modularity, optimized weight distribution, and adequate space utilization are all features of this specific EV architecture.

The VW ID.3 and ID.4 and other successful models built on the MEB platform have established a strong foundation for a future electric bus.

Range and Battery:

A large-capacity battery system is anticipated to be a vital component of the electric bus, providing a fantastic range appropriate for lengthy travels.

While specifics on the battery’s capacity and range are unknown, Volkswagen’s dedication to providing an engaging driving experience raises the possibility of an acceptable range on just one charge.

Features and Interior:

The VW electric bus’s interior will prioritize sustainability, connection, and comfort. The roomy cabin should have many different seating possibilities and storage spaces.

Volkswagen’s expertise in electronic innovation will be used to develop cutting-edge infotainment and driving assistance systems.

In addition, eco-friendly production techniques and sustainable materials are expected to be used in line with VW’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

Volkswagen electric bus
Volkswagen electric bus Credits: Popular Science

Charging Infrastructure:

Volkswagen knows the importance of electric vehicles having a solid charging infrastructure. To improve the usability and accessibility of chargers for EV users, the organization has been focusing on growing its battery charging network and forming partnerships.


The introduction of the Volkswagen electric bus has been eagerly awaited since it marries the environmental advantages of electric mobility with the nostalgia of the legendary Microbus.

Even though the precise release date is still uncertain after the September 2021 information cutoff, VW’s dedication to sustainable travel and the effectiveness of their MEB system indicate that the wait will be worthwhile for the electric bus.

The VW electric bus aspires to significantly affect the electric car market with its distinctive design, cutting-edge technology, and emphasis on sustainability.

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