Kia Picanto 2024: Everything We Know So Far

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Kia Picanto 2024
Kia Picanto 2024

The Kia Picanto has always been regarded as an efficient and fashionable city car, winning over city dwellers with its small size and reasonable price.

As interest in the 2024 model grows, we examine all we currently know about the forthcoming Kia Picanto, including its delivery time, requirements, features, and appearance.

Release date of Kia Picanto 2024

Kia Motors still needs to reveal the Kia Picanto 2024’s delivery date. Industry experts predict it will likely go on sale in the first few months of 2024, with possible debuts at significant auto events in late 2023.

Exterior and Interior of Kia Picanto 2024

Although Kia has been able to keep the 2024 Picanto’s exterior design a secret, we may anticipate an extension of the model’s distinctly youthful and energetic style.

The Picanto is expected to maintain its eye-catching charm with contemporary tweaks, such as slimmer lines, a revised front grille, and possibly updated LED lighting components.

Kia Picanto 2024
Kia Picanto 2024 Interior Credit: PerthNow

The Kia Picanto 2024 is anticipated to have a cozy and well-thought-out interior. We anticipate greater emphasis on infotainment systems that are simple to use and driver-centric technologies.

However, specifics still need to be made public. A pleasant ride will be provided using superior components and a sophisticated finish.

Features of Kia Picanto 2024

The Picanto continues Kia’s tradition of offering a variety of amenities in all of its vehicles. Advanced safety features like automated emergency braking, lane-keeping assistance, blind-spot tracking, and rear-cross traffic alert are anticipated to be included in the 2024 model.

It is also predicted that infotainment technologies like tablet screens, Apple’s CarPlay, and Android Automobile integration will be available.

Specifications and Performance of Kia Picanto 2024

While the specifics of the 2024 Picanto’s powertrain options have yet to be discovered, we may anticipate a variety of effective engines for running this small vehicle.

It wouldn’t be unexpected to see hybrid or electric options alongside conventional gasoline engines, as Kia has emphasized electrification in its lineup.

The Picanto is the perfect vehicle for urban settings because of its performance, which continues to emphasize agility and quick handling.

Kia Picanto 2024
Kia Picanto 2024 Credit: CcarPrice

Top Speed and Price of Kia Picanto 2024

The motor and variant selected will determine the 2024 Kia Picanto’s peak speed. However, given its position as a city car, we may anticipate an excellent maximum velocity for its class, probably in the neighborhood of 100 to 120 mph.

Kia has yet to disclose the 2024 Picanto’s pricing information; however, based on earlier models, we may anticipate an aggressive and reasonable price range.

The Picanto has consistently been regarded as a great bargain, making it a desirable alternative for consumers on a tight budget looking for a dependable and fashionable urban vehicle.


The Kia Picanto 2024 is expected to carry on its reputation as a valuable and fashionable city car. The new Picanto, scheduled for sale in early 2024, will include the following:

  • A revised exterior.
  • Contemporary interior amenities.
  • Cutting-edge safety technologies.
  • Various effective engine options.

While we await more details from Kia Motors, the new 2024 Picanto will undoubtedly attempt to provide urban drivers with an attractive package in terms of price, elegance, and versatility.

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