Tesla Are Charging $1000 For The Yoke Style Starring On Model S And Model X

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Tesla Yoke steering wheel
Tesla Yoke steering wheel

Tesla has been under fire for a feature that they had promised to be standard in both Model S and Model X. This simple feature was supposed to be a basic option for both models at the beginning when they were revealed.

This feature was a supposed yoke-style steering wheel that was popularized upon the reveal of a cybertruck by Tesla. It is a unique-looking steering wheel, with many thinking about its design, and some were looking forward to using it.

The community was divided on this; some hated it, and others loved it, which led to Tesla keeping it in both models.

Why Did Tesla Remove The Yoke Style Starring As A Standard Option?

But it was later revealed by the company that it will be a feature that will be priced at $1,000, which is quite a lot for a typical steering wheel.

This news came without any prior notice by the company or any other way of communication by Tesla. It is unknown why Tesla took such a decision, but the company said nothing.

Tesla Yoke
Tesla Yoke

Some industry analysts previously claimed that it won’t work great on these models instead it will only work on the Formula 1 cars because it need less time to do a 360-degree rotation lock to lock.

This is very important in a sport like Formula 1, where every second counts, as one wrong move can cause life-threatening accidents.

But when it comes to normal life driving, it will be very hard to use it as it can turn very quickly, will make many tasks very hard for a normal day-to-day driver like when they are in a traffic jam, driving in a town and navigating the tough spot that needs precise maneuvers.

Tesla’s Image Has Been Changed In the Eyes of Many Because of This Decision

Tesla as previously mentioned responded with making the yoke a 250 optional feature rather than a standard item. This was a very bad move as many models of both Model S and Model X cars that were sold already had yoke steering with them, which is very disastrous.

The saga doesn’t end there as the company also offered retrofits of the round steering wheel to yoke-equipped cars for $700 for those who want to get rid of this feature, which is a very bad decision once again.

Tesla Yoke price
Tesla Yoke

The last and final decision by Tesla was probably the worst among the two decisions was that they put a price tag of $1000 for the yoke steering.

This is a very immature decision for Tesla, but there is a reason why they did such a thing. It could be that the price they once had was very low and costing them a lot, or they initially planned it to be an added feature that would cost the buyers.

One could also say that they did this because they knew steering wasn’t suitable for daily driving. There are many speculations but no answer. Hopefully, Tesla will come out and answer this question themselves.


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