Volkswagen Boss Thinks That ID.GTI Will Do Good In The U.S.

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Volkswagen ID.GTI release date
Volkswagen Boss

Volkswagen has revealed its brand new car, which is named ID.GTI is a new concept by the company which is fully electric and comes with a front-wheel-drive. This was unveiled to all during the IAA auto show in Munich. It was received positively by everyone that was present there, but one thing has bothered all the people is that there is no US release planned by Volkswagen.

Volkswagen ID.GTI price
Volkswagen ID.GTI Credits: Car And Driver

This was very bad news for all the fans who were hyped for this car as it was a new step for the company into the electric vehicle era, which is a very historical event in the car industry. The details regarding this are little to none, but the people have very high hopes for this ID.GTI.

Volkswagen ID.GTI Will Have A Change To Get Released In U.S.

But the hopes are still up for a US release as during the same event (Munich IAA auto show), the Volkswagen Group of America CEO Pablo Di Si entertained the idea of an American release. This idea was revealed by Pablo Di Si during an interview with Car and Driver that he is trying his best to bring the electric hot hatch United States.

Volkswagen ID.GTI US release
Volkswagen ID.GTI Credits: Car And Driver

He said during that interview, he said that it is a concept car, and they are working very closely with the team in Germany in both design and specifications.

He then added that it will be a great car for the U.S. market, but in order to make it for that type of market, they have to get the feel and touch right so that it will be approved by the American consumer. He then said it would only be achieved by working with the engineer from the beginning of the project.

The reason for this hasn’t really been revealed by the company, but there is one valid reason that people have pointed towards.

The reason behind as to why there is only a European release is because of the production ID.GTI was done in Europe and will have an MEB Entry platform as well as a front-wheel-drive version of Volkswagen’s existing MEB EV platform. On the other hand, regular rear all-wheel-drive MEB architecture is already present in ID.4, which has already been in production at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Volkswagen Boss, Pablo Di Si Wants To Se ID.GTI In The U.S. Market

Pablo Di Si also unveiled that they are dedicated to making it a less expensive electrical vehicle for the US, which is a very good thing as they are keeping their customers first in their minds.

He further added they are the people’s brand, and it is important need to have an entry-level electric vehicle; that has to happen without a shadow of a doubt. He further added that he doesn’t care whether it is ID.2 or the GTI—whatever people want to call it, they need to have it.

Volkswagen ID.GTI Boss
Volkswagen ID.GTI Credits: Car And Driver

On top of all this, Di Si said that he personally likes the GTI because it brings the heritage of the brand in a small package, and at a lower price than he hoped.

This a very strong statement by the Di Si as it has somewhat confirmed that ID. GTI will have some hope of releasing in the U.S., but it is all up to the higher-ups to give this a go. Only time will tell what the future holds for ID.GTI.


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