Volkswagen ID.X Performance: 550bhp Electric Concept

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The ID.X Performance concept takes the ID.7 electric sedan and modifies it by adding a massive back wing, reduced suspension, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires.

Performance appears to be a concern for Volkswagen as it prepares to take against Tesla with the arrival of the ID7 in America next year.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance
Volkswagen ID.X Performance(Credits: CARANDDRIVER)

The ID7 falls firmly between the extremely popular Model 3 and the larger Model S. Since VW offered us the ID4 AWD instead of the GTX, and we anticipate that pattern to continue with the ID7, we are aware that an ID7 GTX—a dual-motor, higher-performance variant—is on the way.

As a prelude to its increased performance, VW debuted the ID.X Performance concept over the weekend in Switzerland. In an odd translation choice, VW refers to this vehicle as an all-electric sports limousine.

Volkswagen has a history of producing performance concepts that push the envelope a little bit rather than being a very blatantly obvious preview of what will really be sold. According to VW, it illustrates “what is possible,” not “what is expected.”

We, therefore, commend them for it since concepts ought to be just that. Additionally, it implies that no manufacturing GTX should definitely have an aggressive aero and a large rear wing. Nevertheless, who knows? VW may decide not to de-pimp their car.

Exterior & Inside

But now that our expectations are clear let’s take a closer look at the ID.X Performance Concept. This concept’s additions, particularly the aero kit (and less so the striking fender flares and wing), actually make the ID7 seem better.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance
Volkswagen ID.X Performance(Credits: CARANDDRIVER)

There is no mention of whether any of the aero aids actually help aero, and the forceful rear diffuser is a touch brazen. Moreover, the rear has a tinted taillight cover. The lowering springs on the ID.X Performance are aggressive, dropping the vehicle by about 2.3 inches, and are referred to be “especially stiff.”

The ID.X Performance is mounted on stunning 20-inch gold multi-spoke wheels with sporty Michelin tires.

There are numerous red highlights throughout, much like on the outside, in case you weren’t aware of the interior’s sports intentions.


A front asynchronous motor and a rear permanently excited synchronous motor combine to produce a total of 551 horsepower in the ID.X Performance’s dual-motor engine. This configuration enables a transient over-boost mode for a quick boost in power.

Volkswagen ID.X Performance
Volkswagen ID.X Performance(Credits: CARANDDRIVER)

VW hasn’t yet disclosed the ID7 GTX’s overall system output, but it should be somewhat less than 400 horsepower, making it more similar to the dual-motor variants of the Hyundai Ioniq 6. Whatever the hot-rodding Volkswagen did to the design, it must be a blast to drive.

Who will actually operate it is unknown. VW should give us the keys, we hope. It might not provide much insight into what to anticipate from a potential ID7 GTX. However, it’s encouraging to see VW putting some creativity into their ID line.

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