2024 Ford F-150 First Look: New Trims and Tech

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2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: CARANDDRIVER)

Ford’s conventionally powered F-150 is still the truck of choice for thousands of Americans, despite the introduction in recent years of the reasonably priced Maverick, an entirely new Ranger, and the electric F-150 Lightning.

The venerable full-size pickup receives a mid-life revamp with the 2024 model, bringing with it updates to its design, one of the segment’s sharpest tailgates, a new standard engine, a high-end Platinum Plus trim, and inside technology.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 Credit: Car And Driver

With Ford seeking to increase the number of hybrid pickups produced for this model year, the Power Boost Hybrid powertrain has also received attention. Springing for the hybrid will no longer be more expensive because the price of this powertrain will be the same as that of the 3.5-liter Eco Boost.

The F-150’s specific debut date has not been announced by Ford, but we anticipate that it will begin to hit dealerships before the end of 2023.

In comparison to the outgoing model, the 2024 F-150 will have up to 90% less ordering complexity, which has led to the standardization of several components like the extended range gas tank.


Ford made a few changes to the F-150’s exterior since they understood that the pickup’s brand identification was one of its selling advantages. So, even if the grille and headlights have been modified, the overall squared-off appearance is still distinctly F-150.

Lower trims come with halogen quad beam headlamps and an amber horizontal turn indicator, while Lariat and Platinum models include C-clamp DRL trademark lighting. As usual, the front fascia’s detailing varies from one model to the next, and packages also alter the appearance.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: CARANDDRIVER) Credit: Car And Driver

For instance, the STX trim gets an updated coast-to-coast grille and Electric Lime accents.

From the STX to Lariat trims, the Black Appearance Package is now available, and the Platinum comes with these blacked-out accents out of the box. The façade of the King Ranch has a two-color metal finish.

There will be new wheel designs with different finishes, starting with 17-inch steel wheels on the most basic variants. Then, different alloys take their place, and the most expensive trims use 22-inch things in black or chrome.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: CARANDDRIVER) Credit: Car And Driver

What Ford has done to make the 2024 F-150 even more practical is more significant than the cosmetic upgrades. A deeper bumper and a larger step cut-out make it simpler to access the truck bed, but the major news is the Pro Access Tailgate, which is an option.

The new Ford F-150 pickup truck is the only one in its class to have a 100-degree fully opened integrated swing gate, thanks to this equipment. The walk to the tailgate handle is shortened because it opens from the driver’s side, and Ford claims that towing is easier with it in place.


The Ford F-150’s cabin is at its best in its most recent model. The top trims will rival certain luxury sedans in terms of pure grandeur in addition to being roomy and loaded with technology.

The 12-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen is a standard feature on every model for the 2024 model year, in addition to the 12-inch digital instrument cluster. This is a significant improvement over the eight-inch touchscreen that was previously included with cheaper models.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: CARANDDRIVER) Credit: Car And Driver

The SYNC 4 software should make it simple to use, but the F-150 still features a number of large physical controls for quick adjustments while driving. An optional head-up display, which the F-150 is the first vehicle to offer, adds more technology.

This includes the BlueCruise hands-free driver assistance system’s unique views. Speaking of BlueCruise, the system’s 2024 F-150 compatibility includes version 1.2, which adds new features, including lane change assistance and in-lane repositioning.

When purchasing, during the free trial period of 90 days, or at any time subsequently, customers can enjoy this hands-free system by subscribing on an annual or monthly basis.

When in the Tow/Haul, Off-Road, and Rock Crawl modes, the 12-inch screen may show two perspectives at once, which is another unique function.

A first for any vehicle sold in North America, Ford has also added Stolen Vehicle Services, which can help in the recovery and location of the pickup if it is stolen.

Depending on the specification level, the Ford F-150’s interior features different materials and seats. Upper grades will have leather-lined interiors, while base versions are anticipated to maintain their durable fabric upholstery.

The interior of the XLT and Lariat seats is black, and the outside is coated in Medium Dark Smoked Truffle. The interior of the King Ranch features a bi-metallic color pattern. The Platinum Plus has a Smoked Truffle interior style with Bronze Copper Accents, while the Tremor includes floor mats and accent stitching in bright colors.

The Platinum model has authentic brushed aluminum embellishments in Platinum Blue.


The Ford F-150 will once again be offered with a variety of powertrain choices. However, there appear to be only four selections now, as opposed to the previous six. The 2.7-liter V6 Eco Boost has replaced the 3.3-liter V6 as the standard engine, which has been retired.

This mill produces 400 lb-ft of torque and 325 horsepower, assuming identical outputs. The 3.5-liter V6 Eco Boost comes next, producing 400 horsepower and 500 lb-ft, and for those who require an eight-cylinder engine, the 5.0-liter V8 produces 400 horsepower and 410 lb-ft.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: CARANDDRIVER) Credit: Car And Driver

The most potent of all the engine options, the 3.5-liter PowerBoost augments the V6’s 430 horsepower and 570 lb-ft of torque with an electric motor and a 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. A four-wheel-drive F-150 has been timed performing the 0-60 mph sprint in sub 5.5 seconds in this configuration.

The Power Stroke diesel engine was not mentioned in the preliminary specification document. Thus, it’s unknown if it will be used in 2024. All variants still come with the ten-speed automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive as standard.

Although Ford has said that horsepower and torque have been optimized for the 2024 lineup, the specifications listed here are from the 2023 F-150 range. As such, we’ll update this section as soon as more information becomes available.

2024 Ford F-150
2024 Ford F-150 (Credits: caranddriver) Credit: Car And Driver

The 2024 F-150’s maximum towing capability is 13,500 pounds, and its ideal payload is 2,455 pounds. Pro Trailer Hitch Assist, which keeps an eye on a trailer and facilitates backing, is included with the Ford to facilitate towing. To make sure the 2024 F-150 is as dependable as truck enthusiasts anticipate, Ford put it through rigorous abuse testing.


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