Porsche Taycan And Audi E-Tron Gets Recalled For Battery Leakage Problem

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Audi E-Tron battery problem

Porsche has begun their journey into the electric vehicle business, and so far they have been very successful. They have sold quite a total of 10,000 units globally, and this is a figure of the the first quarter of 2023. This is a very good number when looking at the current competition that is in the car industry.

This shows how much Porsche’s Taycan demand really is, and it has become a worthy challenger to Tesla’s Model S and the Lucid Air, which are some of the best electric cars in the market. The only thing that Taycan is falls short at is the price, which is quite hefty when compared to its competitors, but it does provide a level of comfort and luxury that others don’t really have.

Porsche Taycan battery
Porsche Taycan Credits: Car And Driver

The electric car of Taycan doesn’t cut corners in the performance department as it still has the power that Porsche is known for. Audi is also testing the waters by making electric vehicles like the E-Tron, which have been a very successful endeavor by the company and has been received positively by everyone.

There was a sale for the E-Tron recently, which boosted the sales even more, and new PHEV models were also available. Furthermore, the Audi e-tron GT is also a trim to choose from that has the body of a sports car that provides top-notch performance as well.

Both The Cars Have Been Been Praised By The Reviewers

The reviewers have praised each of the cars for being comfortable while at the same time having tremendous speed that has given them an edge over others. Both have lived up to the name that they bear on their back. The quality is what to expect from the makers of cars that are as old as the car industry.

Unfortunately, there was a situation that made both Porsche and Audi recall their electric cars with the National Highway Safety Administration. This announcement was made after a fatal flaw was discovered by both of the companies but there isn’t any reason to jump to conclusions because the problem is very unexpected.

Audi E-Tron battery problem
Audi E-Tron GT Credits: Car And Driver

The report that was sent by Porsche and Audi to NHTSA was regarding 2023 Porsche Taycans and 2023 Audi RS e-tron GT and e-tron GT, which have improperly sealed batteries. This problem arrived when the battery sealant process was testing the new Teroson sealant.

According to NHTSA, this process it wasn’t properly sealed and also didn’t allow the liquid to accumulate in the battery. They further added that the Liquid accumulation can cause an electrical short-circuit that has a high risk of a fire.

Both Companies Have Revealed The Number Of Defected Models

The number of models that have this problem are 7000, and the companies have revealed that they will replace the battery free of charge, but it was said by them that about 3% of 2023 Taycans and Audi e-trans will need battery replacement.

Fortunately, there have been no incidents of fires in these cars, and because of this warning, even if there are any issues, it will be solved with the help of the company.


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