Price For 2024 Nissan Z NISMO Has Been Leaked Online

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Nissan Z NISMO release date

The 2024 Nissan Z NISMO was recently revealed, and it was quite a big reveal for the company that drew in a lot of attention back in July. At that point in time, the price wasn’t revealed to the general public, but this was leaked recently in the most unexpected way. This was leaked online on the NissanZClub forum, further leaking the upcoming NISMO variant.

This was a very unexpected turn of events as this leak was revealed in the most none bizarre way possible. The forum post discussed a lot of things in detail about the price range of each of the trims that will be available to buy.

Nissan Z NISMO
Nissan Z NISMO

In that post, the entry-level Sport trim’s price has seen an increase of $1220 and will start at the price of $43,305. Like previously, the Performance trim will have a more sportier suspension with a limited-slip differential, and brakes that have been upgraded. The price for this model of Nissan Z will see the same price hike as the sports trim that will, start from $53,305, which will also include the $1095 destination charge that applies to all Zs.

This was expected by many people as a price increase is what happens to almost all cars when their newer models get made, and one could call this the circle of life.

Nissan Z NISMO Will Be Much More Expenses Then Its Low-End Models

Now, for the biggest question, which is the NISMO model, that is the topic of debate that everyone has their eyes on. Well, as mentioned, the price for this model has also been leaked, and it will have a price of $66,085.

This a very expensive price tag, but there are some features that have been revealed, which will be the floor mats, illuminated kick plates, and door guards; these options will come with an additional money that will cost $1120 over the standard MSRP.

Nissan Z NISMO price
Nissan Z NISMO

This is a very big price increase when compared to the performance trim, and it will definitely upset someone due to the price.

The engine that can be found here is a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. There have been a lot of changes in the engine, like the wastegate has been redesigned, better cooling, and performance-enhancing ignition timing. This newly enhanced engine can generate a total of 420 horsepower and 384 pound-feet of torque.

Nissan Has Yet To Comment On This Leak

The NISMO will only have a nine-speed automatic transmission, and on top of this, Nissan claimed that the engine- -management software has made its return that will provide quicker downshifts. This is all that the leaks had to offer. It is one of the biggest leaks of 2023, and it has been seen by almost all the people as well as the fans.

The company has yet to come out and address these leaks, which could mean a lot of things, like the company is preparing to officially reveal the prices or leave this matter as it is and do the reveal when the waters are calm.


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