January 23, 2021

2021 Mercedes-Benz E-Class: E stands for Efficiency

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Mercedes-Benz E-class is all about comfort and luxury. The 2021 model has some upgrades in the design and interior. There are more improvements than upgrades as the Mercedes-Benz series has already been providing top-tier features. To maintain the status, the new model has some upgrades along with new additions. All the essential components and small details are well thought to make it practical and give a luxury experience to the user.

The Price tag of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class starts from £39,055.  There are different variants available for upgrades. By engine, there are three options of petrol, hybrid or diesel version. The hybrid version is more preferred because of the mild-hybrid technology, which improves the overall energy efficiency. Two Liter Diesel engine can produce up to 194 hp, and the four-liter engine is also available for you to choose from. It claims the best fuel efficiency and performance. The  Acceleration from 0 to 60mph will take up to 7.3s. The best version of this model will cast you around £56,605 that will guarantee you the best experience of Mercedes Benz E-class.

Diving into the design and visual esthetics, this model has some changes in the front grille, and the front bonnet has slight patterns to it, which gives an aggressive look to it. Everything else is the same as the previous model, and it should be. Mercedes didn’t go out of the box and made a whole new look but stuck with the classic look. It has the upgrades to make this car up to date by adding the latest features and improving the gaps of previous models in making a perfect car. The height is reasonable, which helps to keep the car stable on bumpy roads. 20-inches of alloy wheels are included.

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Going inside the car cabin is an exciting experience. At first glance of the interior, the first thing you notice is the screens. The infotainment screen and digital speedometer are a combined screen that screams why not. High resolution 12.3 inches multimedia screen faces you and helps to interact with the car. An automatic climate control system and heated seats are given to keep you cozy. Controls of the speedometer are given on the steering wheel, which gives you access to various information and some luxuries. The infotainment screen is a touch screen and now has a touchpad on the center dash. That is more convenient than the wheel controller.

The cabin is full of tech, which makes the whole driving experience better. Driving-assist, 360 parking camera, seat massage,  seats and steering wheel height adjustment all these features screams comfort. The interaction with the car and understanding the car behavior form a connection between car and driver. Different sensors are present that detects the usual settings of the driver and keeps them as it is. For safety, it has Driver and front passenger airbags, Window, and Driver knee airbags. These become major components in saving a life. An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is present that is sharp in giving a response.

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