Maybach To Go Even Higher With ‘Totally Unique’ Models

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mercedes-maybach-eqs-suv-concept(Credits: CARANDDRIVER)

Mercedes-ultra-luxury Benz’s division is targeting Bentley and Rolls-Royce with a lineup of ultra-exclusive ‘Myth’ and ‘Legend’ automobiles that transcend the imagination.

Maybach is, without a doubt, the most distinguished name in the Mercedes portfolio, but we hear it’s poised to climb even higher into the ultra-luxury tier.

Maybach’s present portfolio comprises high-end variants of the S-class, the EQS SUV, and the GLS, and it will soon be expanded with more examples of the brand’s so-called “Myth” or “Legend” automobiles. These ultra-rare cars are either extremely expensive limited-run automobiles or even more unique one-of-a-kinds commissioned by affluent collectors.

Maybach may be increasing its attempts to create even more high-end, ultra-exclusive cars.
A diverse range of “Myth” and “Legend” vehicles are being considered, including G-wagen variations and even a hypothetical supercar. The subbrand’s goal is to compete with ultra-luxury brands like Bentley and Rolls-Royce.


In addition to the already-launched Mercedes-Maybach S-class and GLS, a new Mercedes-Maybach SL (shown below) is expected, with more bling per square inch of sheet metal than any other passenger vehicle this side of a Kahn or Mansory conversion.

But, more than extravagant decoration is required to lift the next-generation range to the tight gap between Bentley and Rolls-Royce that the marque appears to aspire for.

“That’s why we’re going to transform Maybach into a coachbuilt super-Mercedes that takes personalization to a whole new level,” a top executive told Car & Driver. The primary ways of doing this are distinctive body panels and, ultimately, a white made-to-measure body.

BMW is reportedly considering something similar for its premium Alpina brand. Although the present Maybach line has no end date, the next flagship sedan is based on Mercedes’ future MB.EA-L matrix will apparently have its own livery as well as a personalized cockpit with a customizable hyperscreen and virtual-reality embellishments.


The “Legend” automobiles orbit in an even more famous and legendary orbit. Because absolute uniqueness, great performance, and perfect execution are of the utmost importance here, the cost can easily reach seven figures.

There is also no limit to the imagination. Have a look at some of the suggestions that are presently being considered:

  • Reborn Gullwing: A 2+2 sports vehicle based on the W198 300SL and a probable roadster offshoot
  • The Ultimate SEC-Class: A four-door, four-seat premium coupe with no pillars.
  • Panamericana Cruiser: An all-terrain SUV with a low roof based on the new electric G-wagen.
  • C111 Reimagined
  • GLR Slantback: A stripped-down G-class coupe with a canvas-top pickup rear end.
  • AMG EQR Two: A more electrified version of the complicated F1-inspired AMG One hypercar.
  • EQS Shooting Brake: The ultimate luxury wagon with a multi-purpose roof.
  • EQS SUV Streamliner: Creating a square with the world’s lowest-drag crossover
  • Maybach Vision 2: A super-luxurious two-door coupe and convertible with a large wheelbase.

There is little question about it: “Anything goes” is not an empty statement within the Maybach think tank. When asked to describe the fundamental aspects of luxury, Mercedes executives will usually mention space, privacy, and exclusivity as unquestionable top concerns.

Extraordinary quality and workmanship, world-class safety and comfort, autonomous-ready software and technology, and EV fast charging in five minutes or less are all high on their priority list.

Additional brand shapers include the emotional appeal that luxury automobiles may offer, the particular feel-good experience of a one-of-a-kind interior, and the automobile as a high-end mobile hideaway that blends the creature amenities of a living room with a completely relaxed driving and riding experience.


According to CTO Markus Schäfer, luxury is not an end in itself, but rather a message and a mission wrapped in an unparalleled cocoon: “Finally, the marque’s understanding of luxury is to be the ultimate purveyor of quality time on the move—CO2-neutral, stress-negative, response-positive, and completely unique in execution. “

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