Kia’s Upcoming EV3: A Glimpse of Kia’s Electric Future

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Kia's Upcoming EV3
Revealed: Kia's Upcoming EV3

We’ve already spotted the Kia EV3 undergoing road tests, but before it hits production, Kia is set to unveil a concept model that will offer a sneak peek into the latest addition to their electric vehicle (EV) lineup.

Teased through shadowy images as part of Kia’s EV Day, the EV3 Concept stands out as the second vehicle from the right, positioned between the upcoming EV5 and EV9 models. Another new entrant, the EV4 saloon, can be seen on the left.

Kia EV3
Kia’s Upcoming EV3 First Look Revealed (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

Much like the EV9 Concept and EV5 Concept, the Kia EV3 Concept is expected to showcase a nearly production-ready design. The front headlights bear a resemblance to the EV5, albeit without the LED strip along the hood’s leading edge.

Despite extensive camouflage on the test car spotted in Germany, a futuristic ‘triangular’ wheel design hints at a bold and distinctive appearance. Additionally, there are design cues borrowed from the larger EV5, EV9, and strong hints of the EV6 in the rear.

The exclusive images of the Kia EV3 from 2022 suggest the presence of a full-width LED rear light bar, muscular body contours, and Kia’s updated logo.

These spy shots taken in Germany also suggest that the dark ridge on the EV6’s C-pillar has been incorporated, along with black wheel arches. The absence of temporary testing components or add-ons indicates that the model is close to production.

The plan for the EV3 was first unveiled last year when Kia announced its ambitious goal of launching 14 new EVs by 2027. With the EV5, EV6, and EV9 already revealed, the EV3 is set to join the lineup, competing with vehicles like the Volvo C40, Mercedes EQA, and BMW iX1.

Kia's Upcoming EV3
A Glimpse of Kia’s Upcoming EV3 (Credits: MotorTrends)

Built on the Hyundai-Kia Group’s E-GMP platform for electric cars, the EV3 features slightly downsized dimensions compared to the EV6, similar to Kia’s European-spec, fifth-generation Sportage SUV.

Thanks to clever packaging enabled by this versatile platform, cabin space is maximized with minimal compromises compared to traditional combustion engine cars.

The EV3 is likely to share the EV6’s battery technology, offering battery options of 58kWh and 77.4kWh for a range exceeding 300 miles. Dual-motor powertrains are expected, providing all-wheel-drive capability and potentially up to 321bhp, with a more affordable 226bhp single-motor variant.

Benefiting from the E-GMP platform’s 800-volt electronic architecture and a rapid-charge rate of up to 350kW, the larger battery could charge from 10 to 80 percent in just 18 minutes or add 62 miles of range in a mere five minutes.

While the E-GMP platform will underpin many of Kia’s future EVs, Sjoerd Knipping, European product boss, suggested that it might not cover all segments. Some smaller sectors may continue to use 400V technology, while Kia explores the possibility of new platforms.

Kia’s electric vehicle lineup is poised to expand significantly, with plans for 11 electric cars by 2025, including six standalone EVs and five “derivative” EV models. Decisions about platform choices will be influenced by market demand and the transition to electric power.

As the momentum of full electrification accelerates, we can anticipate the official debut of the Kia EV3 later in the year or early in 2024, marking another step in Kia’s electrified future


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