The Tesla Model 3 Highland: Unveiling Release Date, Enhanced Range, Updated Design, and More

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Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3 Highland: Everything you need to know

The Tesla Model 3 has been a standout choice among electric vehicles, offering quality and performance without breaking the bank. Known for its impressive range, cutting-edge tech features, and minimalist design, the Model 3 has consistently been a top-selling electric car.

However, after six years on the market, it’s time for a refresh. Tesla has officially announced the Model 3 refresh, codenamed Highland, and it brings a range of updates and improvements to the already popular electric sedan. Here’s a comprehensive look at what to expect from Tesla’s latest Model 3 iteration.

Exterior Design:

The most noticeable changes in the Model 3 Highland start with its exterior design. Tesla hasn’t undergone a complete overhaul but has made subtle modifications that enhance the car’s sleekness and style. At the front, the previous bulbous headlight enclosures have been replaced with a more streamlined design, contributing to improved aerodynamics. The new headlights are slimmer and present a more aggressive look.

Moving to the back of the car, the change is less dramatic but equally appealing. Tesla has replaced the old “T” logo with a full “TESLA” logo that spans the width of the rear, offering a more cohesive and visually pleasing design.

Tesla Model 3 HighLand
Exterior Design of Tesla Model 3 High Land (Credits: MotorTrends)

Pricing and Availability:

While pricing for the North American model of the Model 3 Highland has not been officially announced, it is expected to remain relatively consistent, especially for the base model.

Tesla has already opened preorders for the refreshed Model 3 in parts of Europe, with the Standard Range model maintaining the same price and the Long Range model seeing a slight increase. The pricing strategy for North American sales is yet to be confirmed.

Release Date:

For European customers, the Model 3 Highland is already available for preorder, with deliveries set to commence in October 2023. The exact release date for North America has not been confirmed, but it is anticipated to be in early 2024.

Models and Colors:

The Tesla Model 3 Highland will offer various models, similar to previous iterations. Expect to see a Standard Range model in a rear-wheel-drive configuration and a Long Range model featuring all-wheel drive.

Color options will likely remain similar, with a noteworthy addition being the “Ultra Red” color, replacing the existing red option.

Tesla Model 3 Highland
Different Colors for Tesla Model 3 Highland (Credits: Cars & Drivers)
Charging Speed and Range:

One of the standout improvements in the Model 3 Highland is its increased aerodynamic efficiency, translating to longer range. Using the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure, the Standard Range model is rated for an impressive 344 miles, while the Long Range model reaches a remarkable 421 miles.

These figures represent around a 12% increase compared to previous EPA ratings. If this trend continues, the Standard Range model is expected to achieve around 300 miles of range, and the Long Range model should reach approximately 370 miles.

Charging speed remains consistent with the previous generation, offering a fast 250-kilowatt charging capability.

Tech Features:

The Model 3 Highland introduces additional tech features, enhancing the overall driving experience. Notable among these is a new rear passenger screen, allowing passengers to access controls and infotainment without needing aftermarket accessories.

Interior accent lighting has been updated, providing a more immersive and visually appealing cabin environment. Tesla has also replaced the traditional turn signal stalk with buttons on the steering wheel, a change that may spark some debate among enthusiasts.

Tech Features of Tesla Model 3 Highland (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

A Promising Upgrade:

Despite the unconventional turn signal button placement, the changes introduced with the Tesla Model 3 Highland offer significant benefits. It further solidifies the Model 3’s position as a top choice for those seeking high mileage at an affordable price point.

While the exact North American release date remains uncertain, prospective buyers can look forward to enjoying an enhanced driving experience with Tesla’s latest iteration of the Model 3.


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