Customers Now Receiving First Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs, Offering an Impressive 410-Mile Range

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Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs
Rivian delivers R1T Max Pack EVs (Credit: MotorTrends)

In an exciting development, the first lucky customers have begun receiving their Rivian R1T electric pickups equipped with the Max Pack battery, which boasts the longest range currently available in the electric pickup market.

Initially, Rivian launched the R1T with two battery options, offering a respectable maximum range of up to 314 miles. However, the company had previously pledged to introduce a longer-range battery option, and now, that promise has become a reality.

Earlier this week, Rivian made a significant announcement, unveiling the availability of its longest-range R1S “Max Pack” option through its configurator. This new battery option offers an impressive maximum range of up to 400 miles, positioning the R1S as the leader in the seven-passenger electric SUV segment.

Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs
All New of Rivian R1T Max Pack EVs with a range of 410 Miles (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

Meanwhile, the Rivian R1T equipped with the Max Pack takes the crown for the longest-range electric pickup truck on the market, offering an astounding maximum range of up to 410 miles.

With deliveries of the Rivian R1T already underway, the first fortunate recipients of the R1T Max Pack models are already taking ownership of these groundbreaking electric pickups.

The Rivian R1S electric SUV with the Max Pack battery option is scheduled to begin deliveries later this fall. Prospective buyers now have the choice of three distinct battery options: Standard, Large, and the newly introduced Max Pack. The Large Pack adds an extra $6,000 to the price, while the Max Pack commands a premium of $16,000.

Starting at $73,000 for the R1T and $78,800 for the R1S, both models offer a range of three different all-wheel-drive (AWD) systems, including dual motor, Performance, and Quad Motor configurations.

Opting for the Performance drive system will set buyers back an additional $5,000, while the Quad-Motor configuration carries an $8,000 price increase. Those in a hurry to get their hands on an R1T model can explore Rivian’s inventory shop to locate available models in their vicinity.

These inventory vehicles offer quicker delivery times, typically ranging from one to six weeks, compared to custom orders, which may take several months to fulfill.

Throughout the year, Rivian has been diligently increasing its production capacity to meet surging demand. The company is well on track to manufacture an impressive 52,000 electric models by the end of the year. As of the first nine months of the year, Rivian has successfully delivered a total of 36,150 electric vehicles, showcasing its commitment to electrifying the automotive market.

For a detailed breakdown of the Rivian R1T electric pickup with Max Pack, please refer to the chart below:

Model Starting Price Max Range Battery Options Drive Systems Available Inventory
Rivian R1T $73,000 Up to 410 miles Standard, Large, Max Pack ($16,000) Dual Motor, Performance, Quad Motor Yes
Rivian R1S $78,800 Up to 400 miles Standard, Large, Max Pack ($16,000) Dual Motor, Performance, Quad Motor Expected Later Fall

With the Rivian R1T and R1S, Rivian is paving the way for electric vehicles with remarkable range and performance, setting new standards in the electric pickup and SUV segments.


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