The New 2024 BMW X2 Is A Mix of Athleticism and SUV Elegance

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BMW’s latest creation, the 2024 X2, stands tall showcasing a sporty, coupe-inspired design distinct from its predecessor. This newly designed marvel is accompanied by the revelation that its eco-friendly sibling, the iX2, won’t journey to U.S. shores.

BMW’s history boasts a slew of iconic designs, yet the brand’s series of coupe SUVs has always stirred intense reactions. They bridge the gap between athletic charm and the raw functionality of an SUV, a task no less challenging than merging fire and ice.

The contemporary X2 continues the trend, but with audacious choices. Bold pentagonal kidney grilles front the vehicle, while the rear mirrors the elegant lines of the X6. The overall impression? It’s unmistakably closer to a true “coupe” feel, especially with a bit of imagination.

Structurally, the BMW X2 derives much from the X1 model. Think of the X1 as your everyday stylish suede shoes, and the X2 as those vibrant sneakers catching every eye on the running trail. And though the base model might seem subtle, the introduction of the M35i at launch packs a performance punch that can’t be overlooked.

Diving deeper into specifications, the 2024 X2 will be offered in two intriguing versions. The foundational X2 xDrive28i will be powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, identical to the X1. This engine boasts an impressive 241 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, pushing power efficiently through a 7-speed DCT to all wheels.

The spicier X2 M35i xDrive variant promises a robust experience. It houses an engine comparable to the X1 M35i, recognized as BMW’s pinnacle of four-cylinder power. Engine upgrades include an enhanced crankshaft, refined piston oil supply system, and components adopted from the latest 6-cylinder iteration.

The result? A whopping 312 hp and a torque of 295 lb-ft, enabling the X2 M35i to race from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 5.2 seconds, outpacing the M2 xDrive28i by a full second.

Both X2 variations, the xDrive28i and M35i, boast a mechanical limited-slip differential for the front wheels, a feature exclusive to the M35i when comparing it to its X1 counterpart. Thus, even base model enthusiasts can revel in enhanced performance surpassing conventional SUVs.

BMW asserts that the revamped 2024 X2 surpasses its forebear in agility and comfort, offering a blend of responsive handling and road-trip readiness. While promotional material for both the X1 and X2 mirror each other concerning chassis and suspension, a real-world comparison might reveal nuanced differences.

Dimension-wise, the X2 stretches beyond its predecessor, even outpacing the 2024 X1 by 2.6 inches. Weighing in at 3,803 lbs for the xDrive28i variant, it’s marginally heftier than the X1, which settles at 3,713 lbs.

Visually, it sets itself apart from the X1 with a compact glass area, a sharper windshield rake, and a pronounced beltline. Wheel enthusiasts are in for a treat as the X2 offers larger wheel diameters than its precursor, with an option to fit dazzling 21-inch alloy wheels for that extra oomph.

While the 2024 X2 is a head-turner, not all its features are functional. Decorative air intakes adorn the rear bumper, while the front sports aesthetic “wing-shaped” designs. However, the aerodynamics benefit from the front’s lower air intake and air curtains.

Its front visage borrows from the X5 design in the kidney grilles, complemented by a striking rear set of taillights. Modern BMW aficionados can opt for illuminated kidney grilles and badges. Emphasizing the X2’s flashy persona, it offers a vast color palette, including a striking Vegas Red metallic and other unique shades via BMW Individual.

Inside, the X2 shares the X1’s elegant design. It features a driver-centric curved display, a neatly organized console, and the latest BMW Operating System 9. For connectivity, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are seamlessly integrated.

Comfort is paramount in the X2. The vehicle boasts seats specifically crafted for long drives, with enhanced lateral support. For those seeking vegan options, a selection of animal-free seat materials is standard.

Launching in March 2024

BMW plans to showcase the second-generation X2 and iX2 to the global audience at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo on October 26, 2023. Come March 2024, the U.S. showrooms will see the X2’s arrival, with its manufacturing hub located at the BMW Group Plant Regensburg. However, the iX2 remains an exclusive offering for Europe and selected Asian territories.


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