Upcoming Kia EV3: Specifications, Pricing, and Release Details Revealed!

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2024 Kia EV3
2024 Kia EV3: All You Need to Know (Cars & Drivers)

Introducing the Kia EV3, the latest addition to Kia’s lineup of electric concept SUVs, which also includes the EV4 and EV5, and follows the earlier unveiling of the EV9 concept. These models collectively offer a glimpse into Kia’s future design direction.

According to Kia, these concepts mark a significant shift in interior design, although the true extent of these changes remains to be seen, given the tendency of concept cars to feature elaborate interiors that often don’t make it to production models.

What sets these vehicles apart, however, are the sustainability features showcased across all the concepts, many of which Kia promises will find their way into the final versions of the cars.

Kia EV3
2024 Kia EV3’s features (Credits: MotorTrends)

Design and Models

While the production version of the EV3 will differ in some details, the core elements of its design are likely to be retained. Features like the distinctive ‘split’ rear pillars, creating a floating roof effect, as well as the slim front and rear LED light strips and the steep windscreen angle, are expected to stay.

These design choices are aimed at imparting a sporty vibe to the vehicle, making it appealing to younger audiences. However, the intricate alloy wheels showcased in the concept are unlikely to make it to production due to manufacturing costs.

2024 Kia EV3
The Upcoming 2024 Kia EV3 (Credits: Cars & Drivers)

Interior and Technology

Inside the EV3, innovation takes center stage. Kia has utilized mycelium, derived from mushroom roots, for the surface of the center console, demonstrating a blend of strength and softness.

While the concept car features a minimalist interior with all functions integrated into a massive panoramic display, this setup will likely undergo some modifications before reaching production.

One standout feature, the upwards-folding rear bench, reminiscent of the Honda Jazz, is expected to be retained, providing practicality for loading larger items through the rear doors. The use of thin pillars between the side windows creates an airy and bright interior atmosphere.

Kia EV3 Interior
Interior of the Upcoming Kia EV3 (Credits: MotorTrends)

Battery, Range, and Engines

Specific details about the powertrain of the EV3 remain undisclosed, typical for concept cars. However, it is probable that the EV3 will be built on the Hyundai-Kia electric car platform, E-GMP, which underpins the Kia EV6 and the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

This suggests the presence of two battery options, 58kWh and 77kWh, potentially offering a real-world range of over 300 miles, given the vehicle’s relatively lightweight. The EV3 is expected to support rapid charging at speeds up to 150kW and incorporate vehicle-to-load technology, allowing users to power external devices via a three-pin socket.

Price and Release

Kia plans to competitively price the EV3 to carve a niche in the increasingly competitive small electric SUV market. Although exact pricing details are yet to be confirmed, an estimated starting point of around £30,000 seems plausible.

Upcoming Kia Models

Additionally, Kia has announced plans to transform the EV4, EV5, and EV9 concepts into production vehicles by the end of 2024. The EV5, a larger and more family-friendly SUV comparable in size to the Kia Sportage, caters to a broader demographic.

Meanwhile, the EV9 represents a foray into the luxury segment, with a size comparable to the upcoming Volvo EX90, positioning Kia as a key player in the evolving electric vehicle landscape.

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