Reviving Le Mans Glory: Ferrari Unveils 499P Modificata, a Track-Exclusive Hybrid Supercar

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Ferrari 499P Modificata
Ferrari 499P Modificata (Credits: Car Sales)

Earlier this year, Ferrari made an impressive return to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, clinching victory with the Ferrari 499P for the first time since 1965. In those golden days, customers had the privilege of acquiring stunning Ferraris like the iconic 250 GTO directly from the Scuderia.

Fast forward to the present, where the automotive landscape has evolved significantly. Remarkably, Ferrari is embracing the value of this tradition once more by introducing the 499P Modificata, a variant of the 499P Le Mans Hypercar, now available for potential buyers.

However, it’s crucial to clarify that this isn’t a proposition for racing enthusiasts in the conventional sense. The 499P Modificata isn’t designed for privateers seeking to compete with a Ferrari on the track. Rather, it’s a car crafted for individuals who wish to own a 499P as the ultimate track-day vehicle, a piece of Ferrari’s racing legacy at their fingertips.

499P Modificata
Ferrari 499P Modificata (Credits: Top Gear)

Distinguishing itself from vehicles like the purportedly discontinued Toyota GR Super Sport or the Aston Martin Valkyrie, which will transition to the Hypercar class in 2025, the 499P Modificata isn’t intended for road use. It’s a dedicated track machine, free from the constraints that accompany adherence to racing regulations.

This sets the 499P Modificata apart, much like the 919 Evo stood out in comparison to the Porsche 919 Hybrid. While not quite as extreme as the Porsche – the 919 Evo boasted over 1000 horsepower and featured active aerodynamics – the absence of regulations empowers Ferrari to maximize the car’s power and harness the full potential of its hybrid assistance.

The outcome is a formidable car with 697 horsepower, four-wheel drive that can be engaged at speeds well below the FIA-mandated 118 mph, and bespoke Pirelli tires. The hybrid powertrain’s output is also strategically deployable at the push of a button, propelling the total power output to an impressive peak of 858 horsepower.

This performance puts the 499P Modificata in an exclusive category, rivaling only the likes of the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and the Bugatti Bolide, far exceeding the standards of even the most extreme road cars.

499P Modificata
Ferrari 499P Modificata (Credits: Top Gear)

While both the Valkyrie AMR Pro and Bolide are close to Le Mans Hypercars in their own right, the Ferrari holds the distinction of being one. Furthermore, the complex hybrid system can make it a challenging car for private owners to operate. To address this, Ferrari has introduced the Sport Prototipi Clienti program, mirroring its F1 Clienti program for owners of historic F1 cars.

This program will ensure that 499P Modificata owners receive comprehensive maintenance and support directly from Ferrari, facilitating the management of a sophisticated and contemporary track car – the sole vehicle in its ultra-exclusive segment to incorporate a hybrid setup to drive all four wheels. This initiative not only reinforces Ferrari’s commitment but also paves the way for similar ambitious projects in the future.

While Ferrari has not disclosed the price of the 499P Modificata, it’s expected to be substantial. Given the absence of comparable prototype racers from major manufacturers currently on the market, a price point is challenging to pinpoint.

The closest reference might be the ready-to-race Porsche 963, which commands a hefty $3 million for customer race teams. However, considering the Ferrari’s development under even more complex regulations, the cost is likely to be at a premium.


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