Future Horizons: Genesis X Gran Berlinetta and Bulgari Aluminium’s Vision for Gran Turismo

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Gran Berlinetta
Gran Berlinetta (Credits: Car Magazine)

Gran Turismo, the racing video game, debuted a line of virtual supercars created by actual manufacturers specifically for digital gaming in 2013, amid the height of Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” success, Barack Obama’s presidency, and the popularity of “swag” in the younger generation. With the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta and the Bvlgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo, an unexpected debut from premium fashion house Bulgari, the Vision Gran Turismo designs have continued to surface throughout time.

The elegant Genesis X Gran Berlinetta seems to be a more advanced version of the outstanding Essentia idea that debuted in 2018. It has a broad and low stance and uses the company’s most recent “two lines” lighting theme, which was first seen on the concept 2022 X Speedium Coupe. With a drag coefficient of 0.34, the aerodynamic design consists of slashes and scoops and wraparound taillights that penetrate the ovoid back fascia that rises into a tiny rear wing.

Gran Berlinetta
Gran Berlinetta (Credits: Car and Driver)

A dashboard-spanning screen and a few tactile dials with knurled metal finishes that are evocative of those seen in Genesis production cars are part of the cabin’s austere design. A secondary screen and two controls for traction control and ABS intervention adjustment are included in the yoke-style steering wheel. The rich interior is enhanced by the center console, door panels, and well-builtered seats, all of which are embellished with quilted leather.

The X Gran Berlinetta surprises everyone by not being an electric car, even if it makes its debut in 2023. Rather, it uses a hybrid system in conjunction with a front-mid placed V-6 engine from Hyundai’s Lambda engine family to provide power. With the addition of a YASA electric motor, which adds 201 horsepower and 196 pound-feet of torque, the powerful V-6 produces 870 horsepower and 790 pound-feet of torque for a combined output of 1071 horsepower and 986 pound-feet.

Bulgari, known for its upscale jewelry, watches, and luxury products, is the source of the second Vision GT idea. The Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo features a strong, wedge-shaped speedster body that is evocative of designs from the 1970s. Inspired by the Bulgari Aluminium watch from 1998, this design has clean lines and uncomplicated forms that give it a confident, bold look. With their thin LED strips on either side, the headlights resemble a fold-down panel similar to the Aston Martin Bulldog design.

Gran Berlinetta
Gran Berlinetta (Credits: Car Magazine)

While no performance specifications are provided, the lack of openings in the Bulgari’s bodywork suggests an electric powertrain. The design collaboration between Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bulgari’s product creation executive director, and Fabio Filippini, former design director for Pininfarina, results in a visually striking concept.

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta is set to join Gran Turismo 7 in January, while the Bulgari Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo is expected to be added to the game’s roster in 2024. The latter marks a unique entry as the first Vision Gran Turismo from a non-automotive company, breaking new ground in the virtual realm. Notably, other non-car companies like Nike and Jordan have teased entries since 2013, though their concepts have yet to materialize.


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