Lamborghini’s Distinctive ‘Opera Unica’ Revuelto Takes Center Stage at Art Basel

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Lamborghini (Credits: Top Gear)

Unless your neighbors happen to be celebrities with last names like Jenner or Leno, you likely find yourself turning your head every time a Lamborghini crosses your path. With their extravagant exhausts and exotic designs, these cars have a way of capturing attention. Lamborghini is set to unveil a unique variant of the 2024 Revuelto exotic sports car, known as the ‘Opera Unica,’ at Art Basel, ensuring that it stands out regardless of your neighbors’ notoriety.

This particular Revuelto doesn’t rely on an ostentatious exhaust or shoot out flamboyant flames from the rear—at least, not to our knowledge. Instead, it’s the custom paint job that steals the spotlight.

Lamborghini 'Opera Unica'
Lamborghini ‘Opera Unica’ (Credits: Lamborghini)

The exterior is meticulously hand-painted, transitioning from Viola Pasifae (purple) to Nero Helene (black), adorned with blue and orange brushstroke details tracing the body lines. Lamborghini reports that this artistic process added 76 hours of development and testing, taking a total of 435 hours to complete.

Adding to its visual appeal, the car boasts a 60th-anniversary logo on the hood, featuring a set of bull horns in true Lamborghini fashion. The interior is equally captivating, featuring two-tone black and purple leather—Nero Ade and Viola Acutus, to be precise.

The seatbacks, door cards, and headliner all showcase embroidery mirroring the 60th-anniversary motif found on the hood. Every detail is attended to, even down to the start/stop button cover, which is finished in the same brushstroke colors.

For a thrilling experience, open the car’s hood and activate the Revuelto’s hybrid powertrain, comprising three electric motors and a robust 814-hp 6.5-liter V-12 engine. As fortunate individuals who had the opportunity to take the wheel, we can attest to its impressive acceleration and heart-pounding soundtrack.

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Lamborghini will introduce the Opera Unica Revuelto at Art Basel in Miami Beach this weekend, alongside a curated selection of artwork commissioned by the iconic automaker.

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