Bentley and Ducati’s Elegant Fusion: Introducing the Limited-Edition Diavel for Bentley in a Striking Two-Wheeled Affair

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Bentley and Ducati Collab
Bentley and Ducati Collab (Credits: StupidDope)

Here’s a noteworthy development in the automotive world – Bentley and Ducati have joined forces in a collaboration that shifts our attention from four wheels to two. The result is the Diavel for Bentley, a limited edition Ducati sports cruiser drawing inspiration from Bentley’s Continental-based Batur.

This collaboration stems from the familial ties between Ducati and Bentley, both being subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Group, with Ducati under the umbrella of Audi. Ducati has a history of crafting limited editions, such as the 2021 Diavel 1260 Lamborghini, sharing its metallic green hue with the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. Prior to Audi’s ownership, Ducati also partnered with Mercedes on the Diavel AMG Special Edition in 2012.

Bentley and Ducati
Bentley and Ducati Collab (Credits: Auto Blog)

However, the Diavel for Bentley marks the first joint project between the British luxury brand and Ducati. Limited to just 500 numbered units, an even more exclusive run of 50 Bentley Mulliner editions will be available. These Mulliner editions, tailored for Bentley’s bespoke division, allow buyers to personalize the saddle, brake calipers, and carbon-fiber bodywork with various colors, either matching their car or choosing from an exclusive palette curated by Mulliner’s designers.

Ducati’s designers have implemented several changes, including revised bodywork inspired by Batur’s design. Side air intakes mimic Bentley’s front grille, and a new front mudguard pays homage to the Batur’s hood with three longitudinal ribs. The Diavel’s saddle undergoes a transformation with a charcoal and red color scheme reminiscent of the Batur, complemented by a stitched Bentley logo. The standard Metallic Scarab Green paintwork adds a touch of exclusivity.

Under the hood, or in this case, under the seat, the Diavel for Bentley retains the standard 1158-cc liquid-cooled V-4 engine. This marks the first time this configuration is featured in a Bentley-branded vehicle, delivering 166 horsepower at 10,750 rpm and 93 pound-feet at 7500 rpm. While official performance figures are yet to be disclosed, considering the standard Diavel’s specs and a claimed 520-pound fueled curb weight, the Bentley edition is expected to outperform its four-wheeled counterparts.

Buyers of the Diavel for Bentley can anticipate an extra touch of exclusivity as their motorcycle arrives in a personalized wooden packing case, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. For those seeking even more exclusivity, the option to purchase matching helmets and riding jackets is also available.

As we celebrate this collaboration, one can’t help but wonder about the possibilities of a reverse collaboration – perhaps a Ducati-inspired Continental Speed in the future. The world of automotive partnerships continues to intrigue and surprise.


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