Pie on Wheels: Rediscovering Domino’s Hidden 1980s Pizza Delivery Marvel – The Tritan A2

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Tritan A2
Tritan A2 (Credits: Bonhams Cars)

Pizza, as a culinary tradition, can be traced back to around the sixth century B.C. Today, it stands as a colossal industry in the United States, with a market value approaching $50 billion.

The zenith of pizza innovation, however, unfolded in the 1980s when the renowned Domino’s Pizza introduced the groundbreaking “30 Minutes, or It’s Free” guarantee, coupled with an intriguing marketing campaign featuring the peculiar rabbit-clad character known as the “Noid” and the quirky slogan “Avoid the Noid.” The campaign even featured an unconventional vehicle that nearly made it out of Domino’s promotional efforts—an enigmatic car.

The Tritan A2
The Tritan A2 (Credits: Auto Evolution)

Recently surfaced on Bring a Trailer, a platform affiliated with Hearst Autos (like Car and Driver), is one of those pizza delivery vehicles—the Tritan A2. This rare gem, created by father-and-son inventors James and Douglas Amick, emerged from Ann Arbor, Michigan, the same location where Domino’s Pizza was headquartered at the time.

Back in November 1982, Car and Driver reviewed the Tritan 135, dubbing it “an answer to a question that nobody’s asking.” While the Tritan boasted an impressive drag coefficient of 0.135 and an economical 75 mpg at 50 mph, its braking, turning, and acceleration fell short, taking a sluggish 63.2 seconds to reach 60 mph.

By 1984, the Amicks revamped the Tritan A2, replacing its underwhelming engine with a spry 30-hp 440-cc rotary engine sourced from Israel. This transformation rendered the A2 agile, featuring a tight turning circle with its three-wheel design. Domino’s Pizza took notice, and a deal was struck to fit ten A2s with warming ovens, selling them at $15,000 each.

Tritan A2
Tritan A2 (Credits: Reddit)

Examining the A2 today, even with its slightly faded appearance, it’s easy to understand why Domino’s invested in this futuristic vehicle. In an era when shows like The Jetsons still aired, the A2 must have captivated audiences as a cutting-edge pizza delivery machine, a stark contrast to the commonplace rusty Chevy Cavaliers and Ford Escorts.

The featured Tritan A2 claimed to be a ninth of the ten delivered, serves as a non-functional display model, with its engine removed and currently resting on wheeled dollies.

Potential paths lie ahead for this unique piece of history. One option is to integrate it into a collection of 1980s icons sandwiched between a life-size model of Alf and a miniature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles van. With a bit of cosmetic restoration, it could become a snapshot of an era where anything pizza-related seemed within reach.

Alternatively, a more ambitious approach involves restoring the Tritan A2 to its intended pizza delivery glory. Enlist the expertise of a local Mazda rotary specialist, incorporate shifter go-kart components, and craft a vehicle that combines elements of The Last Starfighter with practical delivery capabilities.

Regardless of its destiny, this Tritan A2 is currently available with no reserve, and the auction concludes on December 13. There’s ample time to place a bid, but prospective buyers should act swiftly to secure a nearly forgotten slice of pizza history before the Noid swoops in.


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