Honda E Bids Adieu: A Farewell to the Charming City Car

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Honda E
Honda E (Credits: L"Automobile Magazine)

In 2020, we had the opportunity to test drive the Honda E and were delighted by its charm, adorableness, and overall enjoyable driving experience. However, despite its positive qualities, we concluded that its nearly $40,000 price tag and a real-world range of approximately 100 miles would pose a significant challenge to market acceptance in the United States.

It appears that Honda has encountered similar challenges in Europe and Japan. According to the manufacturer’s confirmation to the Top Gear website, Honda will cease production and close order books for the city car.

Honda E
Honda E (Credits: Car Buzz)

The brand explained to Top Gear that the Honda E had successfully achieved its mission by attracting “many new customers to the brand with its distinctive design, advanced technology, and trademark Honda driving dynamics.”

While Europe generally has a greater appetite for small, economical city cars compared to the U.S., it seems that the relatively high price and limited range made it a tough sell even in that market.

The discontinuation of the Honda E is regrettable not only for its charming appearance and lively personality but also because it represented a new model designed from the ground up rather than simply integrating batteries into an existing framework.

With its dedicated rear-drive architecture optimized for an electric powertrain, the Honda E showcased innovative packaging possibilities. Although we may not have witnessed these vehicles cruising on our own streets, bidding farewell to the Honda E leaves us with a sense of loss.


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