Approaching Elegance: Range Rover’s Inaugural Electric SUV Draws Near

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Range Rover
Range Rover (Credits: Jalopnik)

The debut of the inaugural electric Range Rover is drawing nearer, poised to grace the exclusive garages and private driveways of affluent clientele. In anticipation, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has unveiled enticing images offering a glimpse into the design of the upcoming opulent electric SUV. Notably, the Range Rover Electric mirrors the aesthetics of its gas-powered and plug-in hybrid counterparts, a deliberate continuity since its inception a couple of years ago when the latest generation was conceived with an electric variant in mind.

Set to share the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA Flex) platform with the traditional Range Rover, the electric model retains its capability to venture off-road despite its high-voltage battery. Range Rover has initiated rigorous testing of prototypes, subjecting them to extreme temperature conditions and water wading tests up to 33.4 inches deep—two inches shallower than the capabilities of its combustion engine counterparts.

Range Rover
Range Rover (Credits: Tech Crunch)

Distinct from Range Rovers equipped with fuel tanks, the electric version demands careful consideration of its proximity to charging stations, given the reliance on the 800-volt architecture designed for ultra-fast charging.

Specifics about battery sizes and estimated driving range remain undisclosed, but it is confirmed that the batteries and electric motors for the Range Rover Electric will be manufactured at the Wolverhampton facility in the United Kingdom. Production of the vehicle itself will take place alongside the regular Range Rover at the Solihull assembly plant in the U.K.

While the eagerly awaited Range Rover EV is slated for release next year as a 2025 model, enthusiasts unwilling to delay gratification can secure a coveted spot on the waiting list, ensuring a priority position when pre-orders become available.

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