Tailoring Luxury Adventures: Configuring the 2024 Lexus GX550 for Personalized Excellence

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Lexus GX550
Lexus GX550 (Credits: Car and Driver)

Anticipation has soared for the imminent release of the 2024 Lexus GX ever since the tantalizing teaser image unveiled its bold, boxy design. As the mid-size luxury SUV gears up for its impending launch, detailed information on pricing and trim options has surfaced. Exploring the Lexus online configurator has prompted contemplation on personalizing the GX550 to individual preferences.

For those less inclined towards off-road adventures, such as myself, outdoor pursuits seldom extend beyond leisurely weekends at campgrounds with convenient electrical hookups. Consequently, the more robust Overtrail trims are overlooked in favor of the mid-range Luxury model.

2024 Lexus GX550
2024 Lexus GX550 (Credits: MotorTrend)

Adorned in Nori Green Pearl paint and complemented by optional saddle-colored semi-aniline upholstery, the Luxury trim exudes rugged elegance. Its 22-inch wheels in a dark gray finish outshine the 20-inch counterparts on the Premium and Premium+ trims. Notably, the Luxury trim features 10-way power-adjustable front seats equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage capabilities—a perfect indulgence for a serene commute following an intensive day of automotive exploration. Living the charmed life of C/D editors, one might say.

While the GX offers a plethora of options, my choices are selective. The Mark Levinson stereo, boasting 21 speakers, commands a reasonable $1140, enhancing the auditory experience. Additional preferences include the 10.7-inch color head-up display for $900, the Cold Area package priced at $200, and the substitution of the second-row bench for captain’s chairs at a cost of $440. Completing the customization, the cargo area tonneau cover, priced at $110, brings the total for this tailored configuration to $80,040—an amount surpassing practical affordability in the realm of reality. Perhaps the charmed life is not without its financial constraints.

Realistically, many Lexus GX buyers may not necessarily require the GX for their needs, with a unibody Lexus SUV like the TX potentially offering a more suitable alternative. However, GX enthusiasts are drawn to its authentic body-on-frame design, ready to tackle challenging terrains. While only a few GX550 drivers may venture into extreme off-road scenarios, the essence lies in knowing that the capability exists. Consequently, for those embracing the persona of a serious off-roader, opting for the GX with the utmost off-road prowess—the Overtrail—is the logical choice.

2024 Lexus GX550
2024 Lexus GX550 (Credits: Motor1)

Yet, staying true to its Lexus lineage, my GX veers towards the $8000 pricier Overtrail+, adorned with additional features, notably the coveted massaging front seats. To offset the increased expenditure, I opt for the pragmatic Atomic Silver exterior color, chosen for its ability to conceal scratches from off-road excursions.

Although tempted to embrace a more personalized aesthetic with a $350 black roof, this remains the sole vanity option. Essential features, such as the $900 head-up display and the $170 console-mounted cool box, ensure practicality and comfort are not compromised. The $110 tonneau cover provides privacy for the cargo hold, an invaluable asset when returning to urban landscapes.

Comparatively, my preference leans towards the retro appeal of the new Toyota Land Cruiser’s design, favoring its classic look over the Lexus GX’s sharper facade. While desiring a similarly capable off-road SUV at a more economical price point, the GX’s current reconfigurability sets it apart, allowing for a tailored build and quicker acquisition.

Despite the higher price tag, the GX550’s superior powertrain proves enticing. Opting for the entry-level Premium trim at $64,250, I appreciate that Lexus does not charge extra for the exquisite Nori Green Pearl paint and saddle tan interior combination, which exudes opulence and rugged charm simultaneously.

For added convenience, I select two individual options: the $75 wireless charger (a feature that should arguably be standard) and the $350 Cold Area package, which provides a heated steering wheel, headlight washers, and an enhanced interior heater. This keeps the total cost of my GX550 Premium under $65,000. While the allure of the Overtrail’s upgraded hardware beckons at an additional $5000, I opt for the flexibility to source my off-road-oriented wheels and tires independently. Similar to the Land Cruiser, the Lexus GX stands as a canvas ready for personalized accessorizing.


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