Efficiency Redefined: The 2024 Lexus RZ300e – Front-Wheel Drive, Lower Cost, Extended Range

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2024 Lexus RZ300e
2024 Lexus RZ300e (Credits: Elektrek)

As the premium brand’s only electric car, the Lexus RZ hasn’t had much of an impression yet. Despite having all-wheel drive and all the characteristics we’d come to expect from a pleasing Lexus, the RZ450e’s performance as an electric SUV was disappointing, mostly because of its short driving range. A revolutionary front-wheel-drive setup that not only greatly increases range but also lowers costs is introduced in the 2024 model year as a potentially useful remedy.

The 2024 Lexus RZ300e will be available as a front-drive substitute for the RZ450e, which is an all-wheel-drive model. The 107-horsepower electric motor on the rear axle of the AWD model is removed from the front-wheel drive RZ and is replaced with a special subframe that Lexus created to dampen vibration and noise.

2024 Lexus RZ300e
2024 Lexus RZ300e (Credits: Elektrek)

The RZ300e, unlike the 308-horsepower RZ450e, is still powered by a different battery pack and still has a front-mounted electric motor with 201 horsepower. With a little bigger capacity than its all-wheel-drive sibling, the front-wheel-drive variant was developed by different businesses. For the 2024 model year, Lexus has also added a standard dual-voltage charging cable (120V and 240V).

The EPA estimates that a fully charged RZ300e with the standard 18-inch wheels would go 266 miles. Compared to the RZ450e’s 220-mile range with the same size wheels, this is a significant gain. The FWD model’s range is reduced to 226 miles when the more fashionable 20-inch wheels are chosen, although it is still 30 miles longer than the AWD model.

Given Lexus’s premium stance, cost is an important consideration. The RZ450e from last year began at $59,650, while the 2024 model saw a slight $200 bump to $59,850. This is for the base Premium trim; the Luxury trim now starts at $65,580, an increase of $430.

The RZ300e, on the other hand, has a more reasonable entry point; the front-drive Premium model starts at $55,150. The standard 18-inch wheels are included in this package; 20-inch wheels may be added for an extra $1240. The Luxury trim, which has 20-inch wheels only, is $60,880.

A new paint color called Copper Crest, which is offered in monochromatic or bichromatic exterior designs is one among the upgrades that the 2024 Lexus RZ brings. Within, the doors feature a new ornamental pattern that illuminates, and the center console of the Luxury trim has a charcoal appearance.

The driver-assist functions have been improved with the addition of technology that can avoid crashes by braking softly and steering away from them. Another feature stops left turns when it detects an incoming car. To better regulate speed around curves, the adaptive cruise control has been enhanced. This month, the 2024 Lexus RZ series will go on sale. It promises a seductive fusion of enhanced electric performance, elegance, and cutting-edge safety technologies.


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