Lexus UX300h 2025: Elevating Efficiency, Advanced Technology, and Enhanced Driving Experience

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Lexus UX300h 2025
Lexus UX300h 2025 (Credits: YouTube)

There will be front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions of the UX300h available. A 2.0-liter inline-four engine producing 150 horsepower, a front-mounted permanent synchronous electric motor, and a continuously variable transmission are included in both variants.

A second permanent synchronous motor, with a front motor providing 111 horsepower and a rear motor producing 40 horsepower, is installed on the rear axle of all-wheel-drive vehicles. But Lexus offers a unique combined power output of 196 horsepower for the hybrid system.

Lexus UX300h 2025
Lexus UX300h 2025 (Credits: MotorTrend)

The new hybrid system and the lightweight lithium-ion battery that took the place of the previous nickel-metal hydride battery are credited with enhanced horsepower by Lexus. Under the back seat, the 60-cell pack keeps cargo space intact. Lexus projects a combined fuel economy of 41 mpg for all-wheel drive vehicles and 43 mpg for front-wheel drive vehicles. Compared to the EPA’s figures for the 2024 UX250h, this translates into a 1-mpg gain for the FWD model and a 2-mpg increase for the AWD model.

Shift-by-wire technology is now used in the UX, doing away with mechanical connections to enable quicker and smoother shifting. As opposed to the stated 8.4 seconds for the 2023 FWD UX250h, the reported zero-to-60-mph time is 7.9 seconds for AWD vehicles and 8.0 seconds for FWD ones.

Minor changes for 2025 include the addition of a new color called Copper Crest, rearranging the door panel buttons, and giving the metal trim on F Sport Handling vehicles a new coat of paint. A 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster is now standard on Premium and F Sport variants, while the base trim has a 7.0-inch display.

The F Sport Handling model has a standard 12.3-inch touchscreen, while the base, Premium, and F Sport Design variants have an 8.0-inch center touchscreen. The 2025 F Sport Handling model also gets a standard electric rear door that is kicked open by a kick sensor.

Lexus’s Safety System+ 3.0 is standard on the 2025 model and includes features like adaptive cruise control with curve speed management, lane keeps assist and departure warnings, left turn oncoming vehicle detection and braking, pedestrian detection and emergency braking, and the ability to read road signs with the appropriate icon displayed on the dashboard.

Pricing for the 2025 UX300h will be revealed by Lexus in 2024, and sales will start soon after. Remarkably, the UX300h appears to be taking the place of the less potent model because the UX250h is not mentioned in the press materials. We’re waiting on confirmation from Lexus, and we’ll let you know as further information becomes available.


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