Volvo’s Upcoming ES90: The Next Chapter in Electric Luxury Sedans

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Volvo ES90
Volvo ES90 (Credits: Drive)

Volvo’s forthcoming electric vehicle aims to fill the mid-size luxury sedan slot, stepping in as a successor to the S90. This new model dubbed the ES90, follows in the footsteps of the electric XC90, known as the EX90. According to insights from the Swedish publication Teknikens Värld, the ES90 will share the EX90’s platform, battery pack, and other essential powertrain components.

Leaked information from China has purportedly disclosed the ES90’s dimensions, positioning it between the discontinued short-wheelbase variant of the S90 and the current long-wheelbase model available in the U.S. While the length places it within this spectrum, the elongated wheelbase suggests a departure in proportions, possibly featuring shorter overhangs.

Volvo ES90
Volvo ES90 (Credits: Drive)

The ES90 is anticipated to offer both rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. Speculation arises that this sleeker and lighter sedan might outdo the EX90 in range, given its distinct characteristics and a potential improvement over the EX90’s 111.0-kWh battery pack, promising a 300-mile range.

Choosing the ES90 name appears logical, supported by Volvo’s recent U.S. trademark applications. However, a caveat arises from a Swedish report indicating a possible clash with Lexus over the use of the ES nameplate. As a result, Volvo might explore alternative nomenclature.

The anticipated debut of the ES90 is on the horizon, with reports suggesting series production commencing in May 2024 in China. This launch positions the ES90 within a competitive landscape of electric luxury vehicles, facing off against rivals such as the BMW i5 and the Mercedes-Benz EQE.


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