DAMD Unveils ‘Little 5’ and ‘Little Δ’ Rally-Inspired Body Kits for 2023, Enhancing Suzuki Jimny’s European Makeover

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DAMD (Credits: Yahoo Autos)

Japanese tuner DAMD has unveiled two rally-inspired body kits for the Suzuki Jimny to celebrate the new year. This has become an annual tradition for DAMD, with unique retro body kits for the Jimny being introduced each January since the current-generation model was released.

The theme for this year’s body kits is “European Masterpiece,” and DAMD has collaborated with Italian wheel manufacturer Oz Racing to enhance the charming aesthetics of the Jimny with influences from two iconic rally legends from the 1980s. Both kits feature body-color painted fenders that complement the overall design.

The first body kit, called “Little 5,” draws inspiration from the Renault 5 Turbo. To avoid any confusion, DAMD humorously labels it as “Non-Turbo” on the side. The Little 5 showcases rectangular headlights reminiscent of the French vehicle, a radiator grille, and a pair of amber fog lights, transforming the Jimny into a French-inspired masterpiece. A small spoiler is added to the roof above the rear door to complete the distinctive look.

The second body kit, named “Little Δ,” is directly inspired by the first generation of the Lancia Delta, specifically the Delta Integrale. Similar to the Little 5, the Little Δ features alterations that give it a more aggressive transformation. It includes four circular headlights, rectangular yellow fog lamps, and a split-down-the-middle radiator grille, mirroring the distinctive features of the original Lancia Delta. To emphasize its racing heritage, the Little Δ has a racing stripe down the center of the car and a sizable rear wing mounted at the back of the roof.

In addition to the body kits, DAMD has also introduced the latest version of Oz Racing’s renowned rally wheel. These wheels are available in gray with white stickers or white with red stickers and can be purchased separately. Unfortunately, there are no powertrain modifications accompanying the visual enhancements for either Jimny model. However, both versions of the Jimny with the body kits will be showcased at the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon next month.


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