Porsche Hints at Upcoming Taycan Turbo GT Release, Foreshadowing Dominance

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Porsche (Credits: Autocar)

Porsche is set to enhance the performance of its electric sports sedan, the Taycan, with the introduction of a new high-performance variant that is expected to be named the Turbo GT. This news comes after the announcement of a Taycan prototype breaking the previous lap record set by the Taycan Turbo S at Germany’s Nürburgring racetrack.

The Turbo S currently holds the title for the most powerful Taycan, boasting 750 horsepower from its dual electric motors. The upcoming Turbo GT model aims to surpass this pinnacle, as evidenced by the prototype’s distinct features, including a large rear wing, an enhanced body kit, and more aggressive wheels and tires. These modifications contributed to an impressive achievement: a new lap time of 7:07.55 around the Nürburgring, a remarkable 26-second improvement over the Turbo S.

Drawing comparisons to the Cayenne Turbo GT, the most uncompromising version of the luxury SUV, there are expectations for the Turbo GT variant to have increased power and potential weight-saving measures. It is expected that this model will only be available in the sedan body style, excluding the Cross Turismo and Sport Turismo wagon variants of the Taycan, despite the appeal of a Turbo GT version for the longroof Taycan.

More details about this anticipated Taycan model are expected to be released by Porsche soon, with a likely inclusion in the 2025 model year lineup. However, prospective buyers should be prepared for a starting price well above $200,000.


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