Nio Unveils ET9: Cutting-Edge EV Flagship with Lightning-Fast 600-KW Charging Capability

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Nio ET9
Nio ET9 (Credits" Inside EVs)

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer Nio is focusing on its domestic market rather than expanding into the United States. However, the company is actively expanding its lineup in China and has recently introduced the ET9 flagship as its latest model. The ET9 joins Nio’s collection of nine electric models.

The ET9 comes with advanced technological features, including a 900-volt electrical architecture and steer-by-wire technology. Despite its large size, with an overall length of 209.7 inches and a wheelbase of 128 inches, Nio classifies the ET9 as a “landjet” design, resembling an extra-large crossover rather than a traditional SUV. It stands at a height of 63.8 inches, which is 4.7 inches shorter than the extended-wheelbase version of the Bentley Bentayga.

The ET9 is equipped with all-wheel drive powered by two motors. It has a 241-hp asynchronous motor at the front and a 456-hp permanent-magnet synchronous motor at the rear, delivering a combined output of 697 hp. The vehicle’s 120.0-kWh battery, operating at 925 volts, supports rapid DC fast charging of up to 600 kW.

While specific performance figures and overall range details are not provided, Nio claims that under optimal conditions, the ET9 can achieve an additional 158 miles of range in just five minutes of charging. Nio also offers automated battery swap stations in China, allowing for a quick replacement of a depleted battery with a fully charged one in under five minutes.

The ET9 is the first Nio vehicle to incorporate steer-by-wire technology, which eliminates the physical connection between the steering wheel and rack. Developed in collaboration with ZF Group, the system provides electronic control with redundancy mechanisms in case of power failure. The ET9 also features rear-wheel steering and an active suspension with height-adjustable air springs.

The ET9’s rear cabin is designed with a focus on rear-seat passengers and resembles a private jet. It features two reclinable seats, an aircraft-style tray table, and up to 45 degrees of recline. Passengers can enjoy various digital displays, including a 15.6-inch central touchscreen in the dashboard and 14.6-inch displays for each rear occupant. There is also an 8.0-inch control screen positioned between the rear seats.

In terms of assisted driving capabilities, the ET9 incorporates three LIDAR arrays, with one facing forward and two monitoring each side. The computing power for these systems comes from the Shenji NX9031, claimed to be the world’s first 5-nanometer automotive-grade chip.

Preorders for the ET9 are now available in China, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2025. The starting price is approximately $112,000 at current exchange rates.


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