Dakar rider’s condition serious but stable following significant crash on Stage 2

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Dakar rider in serious but stable condition after major crash on Stage 2

Carles Falcon, a rider ⁣for the TwinTrail Racing‌ Team, was involved in a crash during the Dakar Rally. The‍ incident occurred 448km into Sunday’s test ⁢between Al Henakiyah and Al Duwadimi.‍ Falcon ‍received⁣ immediate‌ assistance from a medical crew ⁤that arrived via helicopter. He was‌ then airlifted to ​Al ‌Duwadimi hospital ⁢for further treatment. Initially, Falcon was reported to be ‍in a serious condition. However, Dakar race director David Castera revealed that Falcon didn’t have a pulse when the doctor arrived at the scene. Fortunately, he was successfully resuscitated but required additional treatment at the hospital. The⁢ full extent of his ⁢injuries will be determined ⁤once all‌ the‍ test⁣ results are available.

Castera explained that Falcon⁢ fell at ⁢the end​ of ⁣the stage and ⁣was found in a complicated state without a pulse. He was stabilized and taken⁢ to ⁤the hospital in Riyadh⁣ for further evaluation⁤ and potential surgery. The focus⁣ is on assessing his head injury and determining if ​there are any fractures. The situation is ‌currently stable, and the ‍most important thing is that Falcon has regained‍ a pulse.

An update from Falcon’s ⁣team stated that he has‍ been placed⁣ into ⁤an induced coma and‍ will remain in ⁢the hospital for at least a week. He has a cerebral edema and a⁣ fracture of the⁣ C2 ‌vertebra that requires ⁢urgent surgery. ​Falcon will be transferred to⁢ Riyadh Hospital for the operation. His teammate, Isaac ‍Feliu, will not continue in the race ​and⁢ has traveled with the⁤ press team to support Falcon. The team and Falcon’s family are ⁢grateful for the messages of support they have received.

The article also ‌includes related content about the Dakar ⁢Rally, including updates on the race and other participants.


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