Is This Unforeseen Deal an Ultra-Rare BMW M3 Restomod?

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Is This Ultra-Rare BMW M3 Restomod An Unexpected Bargain?

Such is the market for old sports cars, and the wealthy never have enough things to splash the cash on. Restomods are a dime-a-dozen a day, and it takes something truly special to stand out. In the case of the Redux BMW E30 M3, it certainly does that – and now, one could be yours for a (relative) bargain.

What exactly makes a Redux E30 different from the regular thing? For a start, the UK-based firm strips back the coupe and does away with all of BMW’s original bodywork – barring the roof and doors – swapping the panels for bespoke carbon fiber replacements. Those wheel arches are wider, too, with the replica DTM wheels pushed out to fill them.

Ultra-Rare BMW M3 Restomod
Ultra-Rare BMW M3 Restomod (Credits: Hot Cars)

Suspension receives an overhaul courtesy of new Bilstein dampers, new anti-roll bars, and a complete reworking of its geometry, among tons of tiny changes to perfect it. This particular car has Redux’s standard-fit AP Racing slitted steel brakes rather than the optional carbon ceramics.

All of this enables the Redux E30 to make the most of a reworked S14 engine, bored out from 2.3 liters to 2.5. Power rises to 300bhp – a 100bhp jump over standard – still sent to the rear axle through a five-speed dogleg gearbox.

This particular car is chassis #02 of a planned run of 30 cars, which Redux is currently working through. It’s painted in a wonderful dark green with a chocolate brown interior, though we’re a little sad to read it’s only covered 328 miles since its conversion.

If you have an allocation, a commission will cost you at least £350,000 before any options – making the £250,000 guide price for Iconic Auctioneers’ sale of this car seem a relative bargain. Moreover, when you find out that this conversion was ordered, it costs “in excess” of £400,000.


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