Public Service Announcement: It is now possible to purchase a G80 BMW M3 for £50,000.

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PSA: You Can Now Buy A G80 BMW M3 For £50k

We’re huge fans of the G80 BMW M3 here at CT. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rear-driven saloon, the special edition CS or the G81 Touring with its standard fit xDrive (which really, is the one you want), they’re all very, very good. Price new has been a sticking point, mind you, currently starting at £82,450 for the basic M3 Competition, a figure you can easily inflate beyond £90k with options. However, the used market is tumbling and the day of the sub-£50k G80 is almost upon us.

A hat-tip to John Marcar for bringing attention to the fact on Instagram. Right now, the cheapest, not-crashed example is listed with an asking price of £50,949 – and if you’re good at haggling, maybe this could go below the magic figure.

G80 BMW M3
G80 BMW M3 (Credits: European Auto Source)

Mind you, it’s been well-loved, with 34,628 miles on the clock. Having first been registered on 27 August 2021, only eight months remain on its three-year factory warranty too. Just something to keep in mind.

If the black-on-black spec isn’t to your tastes, there are a few other options at a not-too-dissimilar price. We’re particularly keen on this Isle of Man Green car at £53,950.

Shopping at this price bracket will only get you an early car currently, so you’ll miss out on the updated interior from the MY23 with BMW’s latest iDrive system and gigantic display. On the other hand, that not be a bad thing depending on your attitude to the onslaught of in-car tech these days.

G80 BMW M3
G80 BMW M3 (Credits: DSF)

Crucially, though, there have been no performance changes so far for the ‘regular’ G80 M3 in its lifespan. All in the UK are offered in Competition flavor with 503bhp and 479lb ft of torque, with the only mechanical changes (outside of the special-edition CS) coming in the form of optional xDrive.

In case you wondered, it’s a similar story for the G82 M4, too, with one currently on sale for a touch under £50,000 and even a convertible bang on the figure.


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