Bonhams Unveils Noteworthy Collection of Motorcycles from a Singular Owner

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Important Single Owner Motorcycle Collection presented at Bonhams

The highly anticipated Bonhams Online Motorcycle Sale, taking place from January 12-22, showcased a remarkable single-owner collection. With over 30 motorcycles available without reserve, this collection is a fresh addition to the market, featuring some bikes unseen for over four decades. The dedicated enthusiast owner meticulously gathered these bikes over a span of 30+ years, demonstrating a keen eye for detail. Several motorcycles within the collection have undergone painstaking restoration, achieving near-concourse conditions.

The decision to part with this cherished collection was not an easy one for the owner. Unfortunately, advancing age has led him to accept that he can no longer ride or continue the restoration work on these motorcycles. In light of this realization, he has chosen to pass on the responsibility of caring for these two-wheeled treasures to new custodians.

Bonhams (Credits: Bonhams)

The metaphorical decision to ‘put them out to pasture’ reflects the owner’s desire for these motorcycles to find new homes where they can be carefully recommissioned or restored. The hope is that the new custodians will bring these bikes back to their former glory, allowing them to hit the road once again and be used as their makers intended.

This auction not only marks the passing of a cherished collection but also provides an exciting opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors to acquire rare gems with unique histories. Whether destined for further restoration or to become a part of a private collection, these motorcycles carry the legacy of their previous owner’s passion and dedication.

Highlights from the single-owner collection (lots 101-132) include:  

  • c.1961 Triumph 650cc T120 Bonneville Thruxton Replica, Estimate: £6,000 – £8,000  
  • 1937 BSA 500cc M22 OHV Sports, Estimate: £4,000 – £6,000 
  • c.1933 New Imperial 250cc OHV Model 30, Estimate: £3,000 – £4,000 
  • 1950 Vincent 499cc Comet, Estimate: £10,000 – £14,000
  • c.1940 Harley Davidson 750cc ‘WLD’, Estimate: £9,000 – £13,000 

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